USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Takes A Baby Step

An amazing coincidence happened Wednesday.

After I wrote in the morning former USC linebacker Bob Jensen repeatedly called Lynn Swann to no avail about the cancellation of the Salute to Troy dinner, guess what happened?

Swann suddenly called Jensen on Wednesday afternoon, according to a source. Good thing Swann does not read this blog!

Anyways, I hear Swann said there would be no Salute to Troy but a Fall Showcase at the Coliseum where believes 10,000-15,000 fans will attend to watch USC scrimmage. Swann did not commit to honoring the 1969 or 1994 USC football teams but the issue is apparently being considered.

I’m not sure why Swann won’t just salute the former teams before the 10,000-15,000 fans he thinks will show up in August. Or better yet, salute them at a real game at the Coliseum.

But this is USC, where common sense is in short supply these days. I’m just glad Swann finally returned Jensen’s call.

47 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Takes A Baby Step

    1. Wow — Little Scotty is such a crusader. Swann must read this “an unidentified source told me” column first thing when he wakes up. BTW Snarky one, shrinks call your pattern of behavior “delusions of grandeur.”


  1. So it’s actually Scotty Potty pulling all the strings not Max?

    This is almost as stupid/creepy as Owns answering questions I direct at Tebow.

    Okay, I’ll say it out loud……Scotty Potty, Tebow and Owns are the same guy/gal-ish blogpuke person thingy.

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  2. I’m loving every second of the downfall at USC, because that’s the only way to humble the arrogant beast . And Scott Wolf is correct, common sense isn’t common with the administration, or athletic department. And I’m looking forward to the George Tyndall trial, because it will bring lots of attention to that POS, former University President, Max Nikias, who’s actually still employed by SC, but not for long I’m guessing.


      1. ….Plus: No judge presiding over a sexual assault case is going to allow Tyndall’s lawyers to get into anything concerning Max Nikias’ administration of the university…

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      1. But you were all thinking about it, right?

        Lynn Swann has set out to decimate Trojan football by extending the contract of a second rate errand boy to lead the Trojans and we’re not supposed to discuss the obvious…GTFO!


    1. First and foremost among the discriminators. Homophobic and now making fun of people with physical challenges…you are at the top of your game. Always someone to put down to make yourself SEEM more important. What a dufus.

      Trollboy trolls on.


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      1. I am compelled to at least try to explain basic common sense to obummer1.
        This ain’t going to be easy.
        Obummer1, even Capt Obviouso knows that it is de rigueur to criticize in public. You’re not to that point yet so I’ll be gentle.

        You’re(liberty taken because I doubt you got past PS12) AD is doing tbe best that he can.

        So lighten up Francis. He is the AD & Coach Helton is the FB head coach. For better or worse in 2019. They have marching orders. You were not consulted. You do SC & by extension the PAC a disservice by being a fool.


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      2. Hey Pudly Dumb Fuck, do you think Ole Miss paid Laremy Tunsil to play for the Rebel’s?

        Oh wait Pudly Dumb Fuck, he was…I seem to recall it was all over the net years ago.

        #WakeUpAndPullYourHeadOutOfYourAssPudlyDumbFuck or not



      3. Is it any wonder that even owns is embarrassed when mentioned in the same post with you?? Hahahahaha

        Dumbass’ dumb brother, now that’s saying something.

        Poor owns!


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  3. the reason Swann cancelled the STT is because he eliminated 15,000 different chances of being tarred and feathered. Another cut back because of Swann’s ineptness.

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  4. 2 hypotheses.

    (1) The “amazing coincidence” of Swann reading Scottie’s blog and calling Jensen

    (2) Swann is just getting around to returning phone calls.

    I hope that it is (1) so Swann can see more evidence of how the fan base views SC right now. But it is probably (2). Swann is more likely to be watching the golf channel than reading “Inside USC”.

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    1. I agree, 67, that Swann rarely if ever looks at this blog —-but I’ll bet ya he has somebody [or plenty of folks] bring him up to date on what’s being said here and elsewhere…..

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      1. Funny, 67! [Let’s start a rumor that it’s Drevno —on the very slight chance we can get him fired]…….

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      2. Over the years Ryan, Dan, and the Coach have suggested that HH is very aware of what they broadcast…

        As to the Mole…since we’ve lost the Mule (in a sense, since he has no sense…or cents one suspects)…so Lynn Swann is now (James) Jesus (Angleton)?

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      1. Why doesn’t Wolf apply? LMAO. First, he is a shitty writer, doesn’t even spellcheck his supposed work. Second, no one at USC would give him any kind of reporting info due to his extreme prejudice. Third, it is a job that requires real work, intelligence and a ability to develop a rapport. Fourth, he would have to dress in something other than a soccer sweatshirt, and fifth……Oh I guess that is enough, I could go on and on….

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      2. Pudly —The job description for the job listed at top seems like it was written with you in mind……

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      3. But Pudly —The Times has stated repeatedly that it respects all points of view……

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  5. So by implication Swann reads this blog? Lynn Swann, you were once a Trojan great! Could you once again put the school at the top of your priorities and make the changes necessary to make Trojans great?
    Oh and if you write back, don’t use a moniker such as “Owns” or some other preposterous thing. Be Swann song or something better.


  6. wolfman you know as well as anybody, coaches and HH staff hang on your every WORD…. your comments, from the Unis to the coches, NOTHING goes without due consideration from the brass.

    just like the days of Jim Healy, anyone who gives a fig about SC checks your blog for blockbusters DAILY, and you can take that to the BANK!!


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    1. Did you ever notice that Swann and wolf are never in the same room at the same time?? Could it be they are one in the same person? Hmmm?

      Nah…Lynn’s not bald.

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      1. Well we can rest assured the one thing scottie (or tbone) ever heard was…
        “Eww that’s a B I G surprise.”


  7. IMUS used to play

    ‘What did we know & when’?

    Obummer 1
    1. Hates Haden
    2. Hates SC
    3. Jealous of Helton being HC
    4. Knows which SEC recruits got $$
    5. Ridicules Swann
    6. Has no knowledge of PAC
    7. Thinks CAL are a bunch of acid dropping hippies(ahem, no comment)
    8. Relentless troll
    9. Tebow
    10. Poor dnc snowflake

    Looks like a poor bored donut maker from Florida to me. Kiffens’s cuz?

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