USC Puts Club Seats On Sale


USC is offering some fans the opportunity to purchase club seats in the new Coliseum tower.

Each seat cost $4,000. A key question is whether these were intended to go on sale for a single season or originally intended to be sold like the suites for several seasons?

  • Former USC women’s soccer coach Ali Khosroshahin, officially plead guilty in Boston federal court in the College Admissions scandal. Khosroshahin will cooperate with federal prosecutors, who will seek a prison term at the low end of a 46-57 month range. His sentence could be lower.

The goverrment said Khosroshahin acccepted almost $350,000 in bribes through a private soccer club in exchange for fake athletic profiles for four prospective students.

32 thoughts on “USC Puts Club Seats On Sale

  1. Scooter,

    The question is the $4k per seat for a game or for a season? Knowing SC they will spin it anyway they see fit. Do you have to pay for Cardinal and Gold as well and how much would that be?

    Scooter, go find out. That is your trabajo or work.

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  2. For a moment there I thought the phone number was the price. This does explain the hype and build up before the season. I hope it really means something has changed, but for now the hype is nothing more than putting seasoning on rotting meat so it won’t smell so bad when sold to the public.

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  3. I’ll take 20 for the upcoming bozo 4 – 8, 2019 season.

    Nothing shouts Felony U like an eye-watering, over-priced, crumbling mausoleum FB ducat.

    Chucking $2k in $100’s over my back wall is a much better deal because I save on gas and weak $80.00 Fireballs.



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      Let me see 2×0=? Hmmm

      Yup, hard work being the brains of the family…


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  4. In addition to that $4,000 price tag, I’d love to hear how much people additionally end up spending for a day at a USC game. Parking, concessions, food, drinks, booze, clothing multiplied by however many people are in your entourage.

    Maybe an additional $500 for the day? Maybe more?

    The only reason left to go is to ogle the coeds but I wouldn’t be surprised if USC figured out a way to charge you for that game day perk.


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