Pac-12 Is Happy To Brag Today

The Pac-12 is bragging today about its 526 national titles, which is the most in the nation.

For the 14th year in a row and the 18th time in the last 19 years, the Pac-12 is the winningest conference in the country. Seven schools won NCAA titles.

But where is the Pac-12 when it comes to college football or basketball?

The Pac-12 is pretty good in college baseball but was a non-factor at the College World Series without a single team. The SEC had five teams.

Maybe the Pac-12 should change its nickname to Conference of Country Club Sports.



13 thoughts on “Pac-12 Is Happy To Brag Today

    1. You can fill a very small bucket with the “we won alotta little chit” crap you are shoveling, Ms. Bucket.

      Wear that crown proudly as you prance around wherever it is little bucket prancers prance. Wait, that would be Westwood no?


  1. Hey wolfman, WHY won’t you SAY what school has the MOST NCAA team champeenships????

    We all know it’s UCLA with 135!!!

    Go ahead wolfman, say it…..SAY IT!!!!


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      1. Pudly –That is the mood I wanna see AFTER the Fresno State game…..
        …And AFTER the Stanford game….
        Etc, etc…..

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      1. A typical ignorant, loud mouth Felony U view, especially in light of the fact bozo FB was 0 – 3 vs Ca Pac-12 FB teams in 2018.

        DING goes the Vic Bell.


      2. Hey Charlie: who is your new “Queen” in 2020? Warren? Harris? Will they go down in flames like your rejected love HRC? Stayed tuned, it will be fun to watch the sims shoot each other.


    1. Upchuck,

      11 of those supposedly called “national championships” were bought by Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden, Sam Gilbert, and Jim Harrick. Just a reminder. Also, a reminder from the greatest cheater of all time by far and by none, Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden, and that is a famous quote form him, “If YOU AIN’T CHEETIN’, YOU AIN’T TRYIN'”. What a piece of work that dude was.

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      1. BAH! a few kooks making up stories does nothing to sully a national treasure!! there are so many honors and awards bearing his name i couldn’t possibly list them all! 50 yrs after his retirement EVERYONE know who Wooden is.

        meanwhile, NO ONE knows who Rod Dodeaux or John McKay were.



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