Galen Center Put To Good Use

USC had a disappointing season but the Galen Center was the home to superstars today as LeBron James, Klay Thompson, Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard were among those on the court for filming of “Space Jam 2.”

TMZ has a photo gallery here.

8 thoughts on “Galen Center Put To Good Use

    1. Perhaps you were thinking of the press conference at the end of the ruins season….


      Dan Guerrero has all the donuts to himself!!

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      1. Ha!

        Maybe 7 reporters are there? And many, many empty chairs. You would have thought they would have paid students to fill the chairs to avoid such a photo. Just about as grim of a presser as you could ever find. Great recruiting photo!

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      2. Dear Pisley, you gigantic pinkish genital wart, there are 7 attendees at this presser; exactly 7 more people than in the empty Galen Barn.

        What’s truly hilarious Pisley Dear, is bozo u BB can’t fill their Band-Box BB Court for a regular game, yet they rent Stables Ctr. for what the bozos consider high profile BB games.

        For example, last year Andyain’twinng scheduled the TCU vs Felony U game @ Staples Ctr. I’m reliably informed 236 bozo fans watched TCU bomb the bozos 96 – 61.

        Stables Ctr was so empty you could bozo fan farts.



      3. I know the reason you’re always so cranky, besides being a wannabe ruin, you’ve got the whole smartest sibling thing going on and it can’t be easy. When you’ve been the dumbest one in the room so long, it’s turned your world on it’s head having tbone and pornboy in the same room…
        It’s called responsibility.


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    2. Just Rent,

      We all know that they could not have used Polly Povilian because of summer and its use as a swimming pool. you are what they call, “What a Maroon”. Quote by Bugs bunny.

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  1. Just Rent,

    I know you would have to take a bus from Cerritos to go to Polly Povilion and that would take a day out of your drunken stupor, but have you been to a game at Polly Povilion lately? I will tell you what happens so you don’t have to waste your day being sober, No one shows up to the swimming pool. basketball rat infested dump called Polly Povilian.


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