USC Moves Slowly To Honor Past Teams

In typical USC fashion, an official now says there was some type of misunderstanding about whether to honor the 1969 and 1994 teams following the cancellation of the Salute to Troy dinner.

An official now says the teams will be honored . . . another amazing coincidence following the stories here.

But how and where is undetermined. Also, USC is discouraging anyone from contacting new president Carol Folt next week when she starts her job. They definitely don’t want anyone complaining to her about Lynn Swann. That’s obviously going to happen.

I’m not sure why it is so hard to figure out how to honor the past teams if you are going to hold a public scrimmage in August at the Coliseum.

When the USC-UCLA dual track meet is held at Cromwell Field, past USC teams always get honored.

Anyways, progress is being made, slowly.

29 thoughts on “USC Moves Slowly To Honor Past Teams

  1. So you are seriously, as a full grown adult person, under the impression that the bowel movements you reduce to print on this blog are acted upon by USC officials.

    Let’s all sing together shall we……….Lucy in the sky with diamonds…..

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    1. 83 —With all due respect (and I mean that) —I think it’s obvious that NO ONE was EVER removed from the Daily News for not knowing the first thing about journalism. It always looked to me as though flying beneath the radar and mediocrity were the only two things they demanded of their staff. Scott caused trouble, got noticed and got punished. He is still causing trouble and he’s still getting noticed. I don’t buy half of the wittily provocative stuff Scott’s selling but I think it’s safe to say he’s still rubbing certain people the wrong way. And they’re still reacting.

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      1. The brainless rah rahs and paid SC athletic department flacks are threatened by a devil’s advocate. Perhaps if the USC administration had employed a few Scott Wolfs instead of Donna Heinels, someone might have prevented the avalanche of embarrassing scandals that have battered our alma mater in the last year.

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      2. You are cutting him WAY too much slack.

        Sounds to me more like you are getting a little misty waxing nostalgic about ole Scotty Potty. I can tell there’s a lot of history between you and him that you appreciate.

        He registers as close to zero (0) on the needle of relevancy as one can get.

        Am glad you like the guy. At the end of the day I don’t want him to get suicidal. Somebody has to prop him up.

        You are very good at, and that is indeed admirable.

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      3. 83 — I enjoy your take on stuff. My only history with Scott, though, is reading a a series of warnings about certain players and certain coaches that turned out to be right [….as well as a few warnings about players and coaches that turned out to be wrong]…….

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    2. Flow is clearly delusional. Also, I don’t think “full grown adults” live in their mom’s basement. Unless of course you’re Flow or Chaz Bucket.

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    3. I can’t stand Fox’s “Goosestepping for Trump” News ’83, so I don’t ever watch their version of television journalism.

      ’83 if you can’t stand Wolf’s journalism, why beat yourself on the face and head with a brick bewailing Wolf’s bozo view – go elsewhere for your Felony U, Rah-Rah, Sunshine pumping FB fairy tales.

      That way ’83, you’ll be exceedingly gratified and we, who wish to read Wolf’s comments, won’t be bored by your boorish blog criticism.

      Happy Trails ’83.


      1. Sez the Bruin that visits with the same bell related gong show multiple times a day……..sheesh.

        Fact is I like to show up here and watch pudly curbstomp you. Seeing you splattered flat on your back in the gutter but still trying to swing that bell is kind of amusing.

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      2. A ruin who defends the Trojan blogger?? What’s wrong with this picture? Trolls defend him more than his own alumni, smdh as Ed Garrett would say.


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      3. Pudly ——-“and the lamb will sleep with the lion” —-[I love that quote cuz I’ve never been able to figure out if that’s the outcome any of us want]…..

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  2. So you seriously, as a full grown adult person, believe that the bowel movements you reduce to print on this blog drive decision making by USC Officials.

    Let’s all sing together shall we……..,,Lucy in the sky with diamonds…..

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  3. ’83 and ’04 beat me to the punch, though what I find even more remarkable is:

    “Also, USC is discouraging anyone from contacting new president Carol Folt next week when she starts her job.”

    Who is doing this? How are they doing this?

    Are they sending letters to big donors saying “Please let Carol get her sea legs before sending your complaints?”

    This seems just bat sh*t crazy.

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  4. Guys,
    There is more ‘useful’ drivel on this site than probably all 11 other PAC sites combined. Here, You’re allowed to disagree. Try that elsewhere. I’ve read wolfster for years & he has some pearls. They’re few but choice.

    Go to the CAL site & say one thing that isn’t within the company line & you will be shown no mercy by 30yr old 5’6″ electrical engineering students who’s closest competitive feat was ping pong.

    This site has some interesting superficial analysis of PAC teams. Mule might get jittery now.

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    1. A fair opponent’s pre-season Bruin assessment, but 7 – 5 is a realistic UCLA FB goal.

      It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish……..just ask the Clownsters!

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      1. My dear Comrade Owns,
        A wise man once said then is then, now is now (or something tautological like that). USC hasn’t finished anywhere. In fact, USC has’t started yet.


    1. I’m 65 mule. Any time, any where, any way. How about the Base on North Island?



      1. Yeah, 86, you’re 65 going on 12.

        Last year 86, in Dandelion Canyon, UCLA forced the Bears to grab their ankles early in a LOL, 37 – 7 butt whipping.

        I’m lead to believe kal FB players love “rough trade” defeats.



    2. Did you “ding” the fricking bell again? Is that what I read? I thought Cal75 just got through telling you not to do that anymore…..?!

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  5. When you hear USC is discouraging anyone from contacting Carol Folt next week is because the folks in HH know that a tsunami of complaints about football is coming and they want to try and put their finger in the dike and stop the flow.




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    1. Given the choice between losing the right way and winning the wrong way, I’m inclined toward the latter….

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