A USC fan emailed me that he saw quarterback Jack Sears at the Pechanga Resort Casino tonight to watch IBF world lightweight champion Richard Commey (28-2, 25 KOs) defend his title against former lightweight world champion Ray Beltran (36-8-1, 22 KOs).

Maybe JT Daniels will show up and fans can watch Sears and Daniels duke it out for the starting QB job.

8 thoughts on “Sightings

    1. Scoops says “”maybe” they were there to duke it out Pud. OMG, does the Snarky One actually get paid to provide us with such meaningful material/insight?

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      1. This is vintage Wolf —-he just didn’t push it far enough —-he needed to get into J. T.’s reach and height disadvantage —–and the necessity of J. T. left hooking his way inside and then getting down low and going to Sears’ rib cage….. with Sears trying to wrestle his way out of the corners and then hold J. T. him off with the jab….

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    1. Must of been a great year for transfer high to bring in all the players taken from other schools—-you should really just relocate to south Florida and be with IMG academy—you both have so much in common!


  1. In other news…J.T. Daniels was seen stuffing his face with the Extra Most Bestest Pepperoni Pizza at Little Caesar’s


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