USC Afternoon Notes: Keyshawn Young Transfers

Keyshawn Young has been an enigma at USC the past three years.

Was he a defensive back? Was he a wide receiver? Was he healthy? Was he actually playing in games?

It felt like Young was going to transfer the past 2-3 years but never did and then didn’t play.

Young officially said today he was transferring from USC. Now that he is gone, maybe someone can figure out the status of tight end Daniel Imatorbhebhe.

  • Jeffrey Bizzack, former president and vice chairman of the company ServiceSource, was the first new defendant to be charged in the College Admissions scandal since the federal government’s case was unsealed on March 13. Bizzack plead guilty to paying $250,000 to get his son admitted into USC as a fake volleyball recruit.

13 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Keyshawn Young Transfers

  1. I keep hearing that Daniel Imatorbhebhe is just a shell of his former self. Really? The last time they used him in a game he looked like dynamite. Even got penalized for hitting a defender in the face on a long run after catch [i. e., being a bit TOO physical]. And he didn’t come out of that game hobbled or limping.

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      1. Pudly! You dumbass! Kelly Slater is multiple time World Champion surfer… I guess hungarians were too busy marching with Hitler and the Nazis to pay attention to surfing!



  2. Dear Pisley, you greasy/gross pig knuckle, what, another smart FB player doesn’t want a part of a 4 – 8 Clown U loser FB team?



    1. Talk to me when you break the top fifty at the end of the recruiting cycle you putz. Only you could find time to celebrate the Trojans losing out on a recruit. It doesn’t work for us because you ruins never get any. Haven’t seen a top recruit with a ruin edit yet the last two years. Now that’s funny.

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      1. Obummer1/kiffen took a break today. Owns still extrolling the virtues of the $6.8million vic bell.


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  3. So? Are we supposed to care that a former 3 star player with a gold grill is moving on? I didn’t even know who he was until Bleacher Report ran the story. According to them he wasn’t even on the squad for spring ball. so he will be hardly missed.


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