Another Four Star Makes Decision

Back in the spring, the USC fan sites started going gaga over St. John Bosco offensive guard Drake Metcalf, which meant they thought he really, really liked the Trojans.

Metcalf might like USC but Saturday night he committed to Stanford.

He is a four-star per Rivals so maybe that is why he spurned USC. The homers are thrilled with last week’s haul of two-and-three star offensive linemen so in their mind it does not matter. They do not base their glee on fact but trust in USC coaches.

So this week two four stars (Jeffrey Persi, Metcalf) committed elsewhere. Persi to Michigan and Metcalf to Stanford. I suppose offensive line coach Tim Drevno didn’t really want them, right?

29 thoughts on “Another Four Star Makes Decision

  1. Commitments are made to be broken or in this case turned. If we rebound the turning will happen. If we don’t our commitment level will drop.

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    1. So smart, R. T. Everybody at USC —from Swann to the players—-knows that USC’s fortunes depend on winning all of the close games they lost in 2018 —–and with a new, more focused offensive approach, that is a very realistic goal.

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      1. Could his choosing stanfurd have anything to do with the fact that he’ll be playing center in college and we have three on the roster? And two of these three just happen to be the top center recruits from their individual classes? Nah…couldn’t be.
        Good luck to Drake who has been around SC since he was a child. He would often accompany his grandmother when she’d delivered cookies to Pete before games..he is all about the academics and as much as I hate to say it….furd may be a great fit.

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      2. Pudly –Your well wishes to Drake are worthy of you —-but I gotta be me:
        maybe we’ll catch a stroke of good luck and Drake will never QUITE master the art of the snap…..

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    2. A word on high school football recruiting rankings and stars : It is not an exact science and ,in fact, there are giant loopholes in the process. Take for example, Drake Metcalf who was an unranked OL entering the 2018 season, but shot up the rankings to be the 38th ranked OL prospect by December- deservedly so as his play merited his ascent. However, since December he has become, through no fault of his own, a 4 star and the 27th ranked prospect based entirely on non-football season activities (camps, circuits, no football gear) and therein lies the problem.
      The rankings can be largely based on non-football playing activities and, as we know, there are plenty of examples that show how these non-football season activities don’t always translate to the football field: George Farmer (the work out king who Marquise Lee referred to as faster than he or Robert Woods) Deontay Burnett, the lightly recruited 3-star who became Sam Darnold’s go-to -guy ; 3 star Chad Wheeler who outplayed 5 star Jordan Simmons for a starting role.) We can all name other 3 star standouts that didn’t necessarily measure up, but were identified, or not, by coaches.
      High school football recruiting rankings are much more hit and miss, and not the exact science that the recruiting services make them out to be.

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      1. Arturo –I agree with the thesis (i. e., recruiting not a science), —but not the example. I watched Farmer in high school and he was great at exactly one thing —-tearing down the sideline and catching a ball over the corner’s outstretched arms. Unlike Lee and Woods in high school, he really didn’t seem able to run routes with any precision. The one college game where he really shined was that one against Notre Dame in the coliseum where Notre Dame’s starting corners were out and he —guess what? —caught 2 long touchdown bombs thrown to him as he streaked down the sidelines.

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      2. MG- good point on Farmer, however, he wasn’t just rated a 5 star because of his speed. Against the high school Notre Dame and on live TV, he had a pick 6 at safety which seemed like his more natural position. Back to the topic, I wonder what criteria he checked when he was given his 5 star status.

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      3. George had speed and intelligence. I always thought he could’ve been a solid running back —-if it weren’t for his many injuries. Based on where USC had him playing in his first year, they wanted to give him a try there. It just never worked out.


  2. “The homers are thrilled with last week’s haul of two-and-three star offensive linemen. They do not base their glee on fact but trust in USC coaches.”

    Who is thrilled? Nobody who follows SC football closely is happy. Anybody who is “thrilled” is not familiar with what is going on.

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      1. MG, in James Ellis’ ‘let the cat out of the bag’ letter he states the following:

        “Marshall is on a tremendous upward trajectory that reflects positively on the entire university. Female students comprise 52% of the 2020 MBA class — a first among major universities. We also have among the highest percentage of underrepresented minorities of any major business school in the country. Last fall, the graduate school achieved its highest ever ranking — No. 14 — in the Bloomberg Survey of Best B-Schools, while the undergraduate program has consistently maintained a top 10 ranking.”

        IMO, the Marshall School of Business, according to Ellis, is meeting its mission as a 4-star University Business Program.

        But overall, Ellis’ letter tone reminds me of a cheeky Lennon song chorus:

        “Christ you know it ain’t easy
        You know how hard it can be
        The way things are going
        They’re going to crucify me”

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      2. Hi Owns,
        Off subject: Didn’t it kinda seem that — for every cool thing Lennon ever did —-he’d cancel it out within 24 hours by being a jerk to someone? I remember Ali kiddingly saying “you aren’t as dumb as you look” when Lennon refused to shadow box with Ali for photographers. Lennon responded coldly “No, but you are.” He’s lucky that Ali’s buddy, Bundini Brown, didn’t cold cock him.
        [My co-counsel on a case at the time Lennon was killed went on a crying jag that went on for almost a week before I had to ask her if she couldn’t switch over to the Bay City Rollers or something and get back to helping with the case]……

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    1. I know 2 women faculty at Marshall (“women of color”) who supported Ellis in the strongest possible terms, including signing the faculty letter and sending personal letters to Wanda Ellis.

      So Ellis, perhaps the most successful SC administrator in recent memory is fired, and Tyndall was allowed to work there decade after decade…SMDH

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  3. Well, to state the obvious, the player has to want to come to USC. 247 sports had Metcalf leaning to Stanford 80% (Oregon 20%). Players choose Stanford usually along family preference. Metcalf is 6’2″, 276 lbs. and is rated a 3 STAR by 247 sports.

    Persi is shown as a 3 STAR and leaning 100% to Michigan. Persi is tall (6’7″) but light (265).

    I think SC got the better players because they want to come to USC and seem to have more upside.

    What is troubling is that SC doesn’t have many 4 star OL targets that either are leaning to SC or are even on the target list other than Murao at Matre Dei. The other highly rated OL targets are not in the western region and not leaning to SC.

    One of the failures of SC coaching program is that it hasn’t figured out how to develop OL in the high schools, as has Andy Enfield in basketball who now has a pipeline into the high schools by hiring Eric Mobly.

    According to the OC Register, Southern Cal had no (zero) college OL picked in the 2019 NFL Draft (Chuma Edoga is from Georgia).

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    1. Developing Southern Cal high school players to play o-line? Some think USC should begin by developing University of Southern Cal players to play o-line.

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      1. Ha! Brilliant! There is so much we could do for o-line development if we only had $3,000,000 more in the coaches’ salary account (and the NCAA would stay the hell outta our business)!

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  4. Michael,

    In other words, with $3 million more, SC develop a better online? I know where $3 million is and we can have it by tomorrow.

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