Is USC One Of Nation’s Most Improved Teams?

College football analyst Phil Steele says USC will be the sixth-most improved team in the nation. Steele lists Nebraska, Florida Atlantic, Florida State, Virginia Tech and Air Force in his top five.

It won’t take much to be improved when you went 5-7 last season so I see where Steele is coming from. This is a better take than in 2015, when Steele ranked USC No. 3 in his preseason poll.

  • James Ellis, who was fired as dean of the USC business school, has finally spoken out about how the university offered him one more year on the job and three years’ pay if he just kept quiet. He refused.
  • USC is hiring a nutritionist for its football team.

11 thoughts on “Is USC One Of Nation’s Most Improved Teams?

  1. Should there be anyone interested the are opportunities available in sports for those with social media experience… like a blog? Real work.

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    1. “Should there be anyone interested the are opportunities…”

      “the are opportunities”?

      That leaves Pudly Dumb Fuck out, he can’t even complete a coherent sentence.



      1. I don’t pretend to be a journalist nor blogger. Nor do I pretend to be owns smarter brother like you… a feat you’ll never accomplish.

        tbone – pornboy – krappa is call them the three stooges but they barely add up to one between them.

        Poor owns..



      2. And Dear Pisley’s basic arithmetic skills really SUCC – he still needs to use his fingers and toes for addition.


      3. Dumb Fuck , Pudly 76 has been trying to pass himself off as an insider for years, even when he used a different name. But in reality, he’s nothing but a jerkoff, who likes taking pictures of his daughters owl 🦉 eye looking, yummy nipples. Hey Pudly 76, I’m still waiting for the pictures of your STANK ASS, wife!! 😂😂💋💋💋💋💋💋💋


      4. Whether or not Pudly is an insider doesn’t really matter to a lot of us. He is, at the very least, insightful.


    2. Well if we use Little Snarky Wolfie as a benchmark, he has managed to set the bar quite low. I guess that’s a good thing for anyone with blogging aspirations. 🙂

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  2. Nope…Clay Helton is still the head coach.

    If you’re a Trojan fan can it get any worse than Clay Helton’s 2018 (5-7) record?


  3. SCooter,

    I will wait until January 9th to see if they have improved. As far as the nutrionist is concerned, there are only two meals that they need to be concerned about, beef stew and potatoes with the beef stew.

    USC Fan Boy,

    You are on the edge of illegal statement. Be careful on what you write.


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