Let’s Look At The Best Offers Of Some Recruits

When St. John Bosco’s Drake Metcalf became the latest four-star offensive lineman to commit elsewhere, here’s a little factoid about four lineman who have committed to USC: Kyle Juergens, Joey Wright, Andrew Milek and Andres Dewerk were all offered by San Diego State.

So USC is putting a dent in San Diego State’s recruiting. But if you want to say these prospects were widely recruited, look up their profiles and see what schools wanted them that are to USC’s supposed level? The answer is few or none.

Dewerk’s best offer was by Oregon.

Wright’s best offer was Arizona State or Nebraska.

Juergens’ best offer was Arizona State.

Milek’s best offer was Boise State or BYU.

Does this sound like the right path for USC to rebuild?

I’m old enough to remember when USC got Travis Claridge (pictured), who was rated the No. 1 offensive lineman in the nation and started 48 games for the Trojans.

  • Former USC center Dewayne Dedmon has agreed to a three-year, $41 million deal with the Sacramento Kings.
  • Former USC forward Nikola Vucevic will sign a 4-year, $100 million deal with the Orlando Magic.
  • Former USC forward Taj Gibson agreed to a two-year, $20 million deal with the New York Knicks.

12 thoughts on “Let’s Look At The Best Offers Of Some Recruits

      1. bruddakrappa- the stupidest of the dumb three. That was a good one!

        What’s it like to always be looking up at owns?




    1. And then some. If we get lucky and any of these kids actually turn out, does Flow shit on himself? I think that’s fair.


  1. Dewerk’s offer – Oregon (I would consider that very good offer, 5 star Kayvon Thibodeaux went there over USC)

    Wright Offer: Nebraska (historically one one of top college football programs)

    Juergens Offer: Arizona State – but Juergens runs 4.6 forty; about as fast as Amon-Ra St. Brown

    Milek- BYU (If BYU beats USC then what would Wolf say?)

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    1. If you look at both Rivals and 247sports, Dewerk didn’t receive an offer from Oregon even though he made two trips there. His best offer would also be Nebraska. It’s the majority of their offers that is my red flag. Vast majority of the offers from Mt. West and lower level Pac-12 schools (like USC).

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  2. Scott might be old enough to remember Travis Claridge, but not wise enough to realize that the photo he posted is actually Tony Boselli…. Travis Claridge never wore the Newman gloves, or had the bar coming down on his face mask. They wore the same number, but that photo is actually Boselli…


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