USC Morning Buzz: The Day Many Waited For Arrives

Time to start the week off with some notes:

  • Today is the start of Carol Folt‘s tenure as USC president. And I’ve already had several emails sent to her that were forwarded to me from angry fans and former players about Lynn Swann and the state of the football program. Folt might need to hire a person just to deal with her emails.
  • If USC promotes every team workout on social media like it is the greatest in history, why didn’t it mention that three key players skipped a workout last week, including a player who started almost every game last season.
  • Someone I know at Fox Sports swears to me that Urban Meyer‘s wife loves Los Angeles.
  • Jeffrey Bizzack, who agreed to plead guilty in the College Admissions Scandal, paid $250,000 to get his son into USC as a fake men’s volleyball player. Bizzack paid Rick Singer, the mastermind, $200,000.

But he also wrote a $50,000 check to “Galen Center.” Who received that money? Did it really go to the Galen Center? Or did it go to someone like Donna Heinel? Or someone higher?

  • Next week is the debut of the reality series, “Love Island,” based on a popular English show. One of the cast members of the U.S. version is Yamen Sanders, son of the former USC basketball player.
  • If you are a soccer fan, I bet you didn’t think Liverpool captain/midfielder Jordan Henderson would go to Covina to get a tattoo. Read here.

40 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Day Many Waited For Arrives

  1. Of course Urban’s wife loves LA. After living in Columbus, anywhere is better.
    As for the workouts skipped by those players, is it possible they had class conflicts?

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  2. Maybe OJ can find out who cashed the J. Bizzack’s $50k check to Galen Center and into whose pocket the illegal funds were deposited?

    Somethings never change.


    1. Jenny:

      Hey, you (intentionally or not) just invoked (typo aside – and who isn’t guilty of committing those types of mistakes from time to time?) a line of lyric from Bruce Hornsby…”Just The Way It Is”…which could be used to serve your inimical purposes…but then again, it could serve some of us (and as Bob Dylan once aptly put it, “It may be the Devil, it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody…”).

      So to that end, let’s rework that Hornsby gold just a bit…

      “That’s just the way it is, some things will never change…
      That’s just the way it is, don’t you believe that…

      So they passed a law back in ’64, to give those who ain’t got a little more…

      But it only goes so far…

      So far defined in the law as ’98…
      For the Bruins to play in their home stadium after December 31st…

      That’s just the way it is…
      Some things will never change…”

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      1. Jenny and reality…well, I suppose there is a reality show, but otherwise…

        Some things never change…

        You could at least correct your typo – third times the charm?

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  3. “USC Morning Buzz: The Day Many Waited For Arrives”

    Did I miss something in Mr. Wolf’s notes…where is the part about USC firing Swann and Helton?

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  4. I’d like to think that, Carol Folt would want to start her tenure with a new athletic director, as oppose to the current one, who still doesn’t get it after three years.

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      1. It is great to see a HC (Ed) able to feel secure enough to bring in a guy like Robinson and not look over his shoulder continuously. If only Helton were secure enough he could have brought in some good advisors to help him out, like Robinson himself. But no, not Helton. His stubborness is famous now.

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      2. MG-
        Imagine lining up in winner-take-all affair against a team with that much athleticism coached by the person at the helm for the victors in the 2013 USC-Stanford “300” game! As LSU has proven capable of previously, they might not do much for the progress of offensive football…but suspect every inch against them would be fought to a painful conclusion…

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      3. James (I don’t know where these replies end up anymore —-hope this lands close to your comment about Ed’s defenses giving up yards like they were blood)—
        Ed himself is a brawler —all his teams are extensions of Ed. Clay is a very fine gentleman — (you see where I’m going with this, yes)?

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      4. Steveg —Clay’s not being stubborn! He just got sick of Robinson’s record against UCLA. And Notre Dame. And # of wins. And # of Rose Bowls. He asked John to make it all go away…..and John refused….

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    1. Ed is becoming the absolute master of “in your face, USC!”

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      1. Yep…and as you’ve pointed out before (and I agree), that’s not necessarily a show-stopper…if your entire staff consists of Deland McCulloughs (with one being a better play caller than we’ve seen in some time)…not a problem…so…we’ll see how the changes play out again (better be the last hand in the deck – or so I hope – winner-take-all!)…

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  6. A positive about Folt is that she was at UNC, and her time there included an NCAA hoops championship and a runner-up, so she knows how important athletic success in a major sport can be to an entire university community.

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    1. Someone……….hmmmmmm?????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      I’m a pick……


  7. So if I am reading this correctly, and I’ve read it several times, the new president of the University of Southern California is forwarding her email to Scott Wolf? Wow shades of Hillary Clinton.
    So is Scott looking for a better gig? She needs to hire a full time person to handle her email? And is by proxy Scott’s answer to said email official university response?
    Can you imagine?
    “Dear disgruntled Trojan, please rest assured the university is aware of your misgivings concerning the state of Trojan athletic. (typo intended) Within the next few days we will be hiring a complete new staff, which I am not at liberty to divulge, but believe me when I quote anonymously that there will be urban renewal on a grand scale beginning very soon.
    Thank you for your support,
    If you would like to contribute to the buyout fund, please send your check directly to Scott Wolf
    Sincerely Farol Colt” oops damn a typo

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      1. Pudly & James —- Anthony Wiener is a good man —-he just made caught exercising bad judgement (about 238 times according to FBI records)….

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      2. Never fear, James —Scott is only getting close to Folt so’s he can rat her out later…

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      3. Oscar Mayer jingle playing in the background…


        Elliott Gould as Hawkeye in the original M*A*S*H getting Radar to put the microphone in the tent for Frank and Hot Lips…

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      4. James — Robert Altman had to know he went a little too far with that scene when DON RICKLES complained it seemed “cruel”……

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      5. There certainly have been some games where it appeared that he was wandering/wondering around and saying…or at least thinking…”Why is all the rum gone?”

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  8. trollboy tbone can’t afford the cushions let alone the seats…

    owns stupid brother, and that’s says it all… hahahahaha


      1. Pudly Dumb Fuck making false claims involving his mama, looking for sympathy…how pathetic! No wonder she’s ashamed of you Pudwacker.


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