LSU Hires John Robinson

So just a few days after a USC spokesperson said John Robinson had retired he has been hired as a consultant at LSU.

That doesn’t sound like being retired. Especially when his USC job wasn’t full time anyways.

Looks like Ed Orgeron just poked USC.


40 thoughts on “LSU Hires John Robinson

  1. And the hits just keep on coming…during the #MaxNikiasCrimeFamilySyndicateRegime

    True Trojans can’t disassociate themselves from USC and the clowns running the once proud university…fast enough.

    What a shame!

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      1. A story like that (if true) may be exactly what the USC BoT may very well have to deal with in order for them to wake up and realize they need to clean house.


      2. Ted —thank you so much for posting this —the “whistleblower” sounds like a very holy man —anyone who has the saintliness to report inconsequential, insignificant, undetectable minor injuries to the compliance office deserves our support and respect….

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      3. does the word “duh” … oops, I mean … does the expression “…as a pig in $#!+…” mean anything to you! Ah, the Mule Drool will be like watching two black labs at dinner time…

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      4. MG, Jimmy,

        Your boys are going down, I can’t stop it anymore…

        #herecomestheSANCTIONSagain 🎶🎶🎉


      5. The Baby Blues increasing our blues and going all Necromonger from the Chronicles of Riddick on us(c)…guess we can only take Riddick’s attitude: “So you’re saying it’s all circling the drain? Had to end some time…”

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      6. oh no! He got his computer mouse glued to his desk and was called axxhole. TMZ no less, the internet version of The Enquirer. It must be another slow news day for you
        Ted, I mean Bucket, I mean Miguelito, I mean Yoda. Get a life.

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      7. M. L. —I knew a man once who had his mouse glued to the desk —he was never the same after that. The paltry 2 million bucks this guy is asking for is nothing (NOTHING!) compared to the pain he’s been through…….

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  2. Hell-TON heaves a sigh of relief, Robo being one of the few who would actually take the SC HC job at this point..

    agree, wolfman, the Agin’ Cajun’ is getting quite a Chortle out of this…


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    1. including your refusal to hit the space key between some and things! But glad you borrowed that inimical term (of course, I had to Google it myself)…

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    2. what never changes is you trolling a blog that has no relation to Cerritos, your proud alma mater. Why don’t you follow the El Camino blog in Torrance?

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  3. If anybody needs a football consultant, it’s Bozo Helton, but since John Robinson coached physical football, Helton wouldn’t listen to him anyway.

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      1. Be Kind to Mule Week.



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      2. Take a good look at the $6.8million/win unlisted phone number coach who is damn near last in the PAC recruiting but first in the transfer prortal exit-a-vou standings.


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      3. Queen Obummer1 posting from the mangroves thinking he’s still a mystery.


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  4. MG, isn’t there a Federal Law that protects WB’ers? Just what Felony U needs another Federal Beef. I won’t be surprised to see more WB’er LS’s filed by former and current Felony U employees. Wasn’t it Ehrlichman or Haldeman who observed that once the toothpaste was out of the tube………..

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    1. Owns, where do you accept service? BTW, look after your short bus little brother. Oh so sad.


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    2. Yes […And like all “whistle blower” protection laws, it’s really a “management protection” law —meaning that you’re supposed to report problems to the manager before you take them elsewhere. Had our “whistle blower” asked Helton to ensure that the players were wearing their helmets, Helton would have said, “sure –no problem”]…….

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      1. MG, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the USC Compliance Office’s responsibility to manage the athletic department and teams compliance with regard to NCAA, State, Federal, and Felony U laws and guidelines?

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      2. Not bad, Owns. Now you’re sounding like a lawyer…..
        [Don’t we all prefer when a problem isn’t taken outside the immediate department? When folks are allowed to fix things without the problem penetrating the system any further? Wouldn’t that have been the common sense approach? This “whistle blower” sounds like he’s been reading too many Chelsea Clinton tweets]…..

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  5. Has there ever been a consultant for an Athletic Director? In my opinion Swann needs someone to tell him when to go and come back from break or vacation. Or even the bathroom. I would imagine he hides in the breakrooms, under the bleachers also to get out of work.
    He’ll most likely be golfing on Pac12 Media Day.

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  6. ’86, you illustrious, self-claimed kal grad, do you mean Portal? Now ’86, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and combed through English, Spanish, French, and German dictionaries for that perplexing noun “prortal” in your scathing CK comment.

    Thing is ’86, CK receives a UCLA check each month for a portion of his $6.8 million compensation, and you ’86, receive nothing for your jejune blog comments.

    ’86, I hope you had a good time yesterday in San Francisco for the City’s LGBTQ festivities.

    Even you ’86 deserve a good time and reason to forget what a tsetse fly you are.


    1. Why you being a homophobe owns. You seem driven to put people down by associating them other groups of minorities and it’s not right. Such a hypocrite, especially for one who claims to be so far left of center politically. You put down those that live near the Coli, gays or just about anyone else.
      Is it any wonder those less fortunate than yourself (tbone – pornboy – krappa) would follow down your path. And for one who likes to act so self righteous….

      You’re just a big turd, no different than your stupid brothers.


      1. Dear Pisley, you cornhole trollop, you were there too?!!!! LOL!

        I make no distinction between people and their sexual proclivities, bar sick pedophiles.

        But Pisley Dear, you pathetic, rank POS, I happily make an exception.

        You accuse me of being a homophobe just because I mention the City’s LGBTQ Pride Festivities. Those Festivities were also celebrated in NYC, and all over the world yesterday you ignorant F**K’g half-wit. No doubt a large population of straights attended the festivities and enjoyed the parade. I would have attended had I lived near the City.

        As usual Pisley Dear, you paint yourself as a whitebread, spineless bigot w/o a shred of grace or redeeming social value.


      2. You mentioned it so as to put him down you lying sack of ruin wannabe. You grouped him with those you view as less than whole. You took a big dump and their isn’t enough toilet paper to clean the mess. You tainted pos. Reread the crap you posted. You a disgusting excuse for a human.

        Nice try.

        Ruin wannabe.

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    2. Mule ole boy

      Self proclaimed cerritos jc attendee from the U.P.
      This is Be Kind to Mule Week–
      but please remember
      $6.8millionUnlistedphonechocchip & 4ftsquareOrgeron are the two ugliest college coaches in America. In fact there’s a rumor going around…Ed is going to sue Louisiana Swamp University. They are building the sidewalks too close to his arse.
      That’s why they coach ugly schools, lad. Take care of short bus.

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      1. I smell Commie Lush impersonating ’86. The “Mule ole boy” comment has the same stench of irrationality characteristic of Commie Lush’s most sad,
        but glorious incoherent peckerwood rants.


  7. Sorry mule
    Your dear commie lush self banned himself & stroked out. You on the other hand really need a new writer. Please be sure to comfort your short bus brother. At least we know you both have the same mother but doubt remains –live birth or hatched.


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