Welcome Aboard Carol!

It’s Day 1 of the Folt era and she gets greeted by charges that a football staffer witnessed wrongdoing and was mistreated. It is not a great way for football to make an early impression on Carol Folt.

And the guy is apparently a Clancy Pendergast disciple.


29 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard Carol!

  1. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that Carol Folt was greeted with more athletic drama, and hopefully it will speed up a decision on Lynn Swann’s extension .

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    1. Except former UNC President Carol Folt’s reflexive action is to attack the whistleblower and cover up the misdeeds instead of cleaning house.


    2. Agreed – better to start off with a Bay of Pigs and get the heads rolling…thought that blurb yesterday afternoon (that was discussed here re Clancy, et al) might be a potential catalyst…of course, ESPN running something negative about USC isn’t exactly an indictment…

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      1. Such a damn tool. He sure can dish it but he cannot take it. What a sad existence. “I never read the comments.” – Flow.

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      2. Has it occurred to you that maybe Wolf agrees with many of his readers that you, Dear Pisley, are a spineless, bigoted, POS weeny!!


      3. You know it’s funny, you crap filled ruin wannabe, how I’m bigoted all of a sudden AFTER pointing out your inherent hate and putting down by association of SO MANY groups of people.
        Not only have you dipped to the stupidity of the likes of tbone, but now you clearly lack both originality and honesty. Low life pos.


      4. Wolf has been reading his blog for years. He actually denied it to my face six months ago when I challenged him on it. Wolf is not very bright, but he would not be very astute if he did not read the blog. What is laughable, is he is so “outside USC” and believes otherwise. Sort of like Owns. He thinks if he supports ucla by association he will be one of them . Poor Owns….

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  2. I’ve never seen wolffy delete any quotes about the UC Irvine Anteaters or the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs.


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  3. I’m relatively new to the blog. Have had over 15 posts deleted in my short tenure. The stuff he lets thru speaks volumes.

    He’s really not needed if a few of the distinguished regulars had interest and inclination to start another site I’d certainly support it.

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      1. Arizona70
        Wash St72


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  4. ’86, auld dumbskii, I just finished checking an Icelandic, Hungarian & Serbian Dictionaries and unfortunately, there are no entries for your special enquish noun “PRORTAL.”

    I’m thinking ’86, I should check a Mongoloid dictionary for “PRORTAL.”

    BTW, speaking of buffoonery, UCLA 37 – kal club rugby 7

    Wait for it ’86……DING goes the creme pufffff Vic bell.


  5. This Carol Folt is just another Max Nikias puppet. Folt has no power or authority to make any changes anywhere.

    Max Nikias is still calling the shots.


    1. owns stupid brother steps up to the mike… hahahahaha

      you’re THE dolt among dolts, congratulations you put the numb in numbskull.




  6. So after hearing how MD quarterbacks are all system QBs, does it mean the Elite11 is a “system qb” camp? And if his team wins there it’s because he has better talent around him? wolf already attacking our next qb recruit before he’s on campus, what a creep.


    1. Yep, but perfection takes several shapes. Be kind Pudster — Little Snarky’s intellectual elevator just doesn’t reach the top floor — it’s just really sad. 😦

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      1. I’m not sure why don’t we ask Loya or the bama recruit who moved from DC to Narbonne.
        Poor freddie, everybody but his school. Hell didn’t lbpoly just get rid of some of their transfers…Hall and Corrall.



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