Do You Believe Rick Courtright?

I spoke to someone who worked with Rick Courtright, who is suing USC for $2 million and claims Clancy Pendergast committed NCAA violations.

“I didn’t know him as a coach, I knew him as a scout,” the person told me. “He was a good scout. I think he knew football.”

Is it really so impossible that Pendergast or Clay Helton issue a comment on this case? Helton never likes to comment and Pendergast is dry and boring.

But he could still deny the charges.

  • United Airlines apologized after accidentally placing unaccompanied 14-year-old on flight to wrong country. Good thing the Coliseum dropped the name.

23 thoughts on “Do You Believe Rick Courtright?

  1. And some people did something.

    Whatever it takes to get Helton fired and if that means believing this Courtright character…then so be it.


    1. “Whatever it takes…” A novel approach to “due process”…..

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      1. Yeah, your boy Max Nikias is a big proponent of “due process”, when it involves his accomplices. Not so much when a student/athlete has been wrongly accused of being in violation of the student code of conduct or sexually assaulted at the hands of one of the criminal administrative and or faculty members Nikias fought so hard to protect.

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      2. Not arguments for stringing up Clay or Clancy —-but still fair points, tebow…..

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  2. Posters on a Trojan football message board were wondering when Lynn Swann was going to hand Traveler his Pink Slip.



  3. Always Great reporting from Scott!!
    He gets to the truth and tells the story
    Like it is! No sugar coating!
    USC must cringe at every post…
    Just excellent!!

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    1. As if the corrupt assholes, sex offenders, drug addicts and embezzlers who have been running USC into the ground weren’t cringeworthy.


  4. Of course I believe Rick Courtright, he has no reason to lie, but let’s see if the God fearing Christian, Clay Helton does. I’ve witnessed that fake phony, religious Helton, scream “God Dammit “ on the sidelines of every game, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he does lie about the Courtright case 😂


    1. I couldn’t agree more! Any man who speaks God’s name in vain on the sidelines of the coliseum during a game [in which he’s probably being screwed by the Pac 12 refs once a minute] is guilty of any crime alleged against him….

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      1. P.S.
        By the way, (1) Courtright has 2 million dollars worth of reasons to lie and (2) his mind hasn’t been right since that mouse gluing incident.

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      1. All kidding aside, it would be nice if we had heard USC’s side of the story by now…. the fact that they haven’t said anything yet strengthens the notion that there’s some “there” there…..

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  5. He would have had more credibility of he’d said something during his tenure as a coach. But The fact that he is asking for money after quitting his job just smacks of the lack of verisimilitude. If I were to say he’s a prevericator, would cause him to sue me.
    But The list of his charges sound like he read them in a trashy novel

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    1. Very well put, RT —None of us knows whether he’s telling the truth yet (so everybody needs to keep an open mind) —-but, given the second hand accounts that we’ve been fed so far (he never fit in with the staff, he was pushed around and toyed with to the point Clay told him to take a leave), some alarm bells have gone off…..

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      1. Yep. You’re right, gt. We need more facts on this one. Right now all our opinions —either way —are based on ignorance.


  6. These allegations are 110% true and I can also confirm that one of the “students” that was paid, didn’t even go to USC or live in California at that.


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