The Legacy Of Max Nikias Proves Costly

That apology USC delivered to UC San Diego also included a $50 million payment in damages for taking UCSD’s Alzheimer’s program.

This is a direct of Max Nikias‘ presidency, where he had a win-at-all-costs attitude on everything. He didn’t care about the ethics of taking the Alzheimer’s program. Or the potential for a lawsuit.

Sometimes, it might have worked, like when he got the L.A. Times Book Fair to move from UCLA to USC.

But his arrogance also led to scandals like the medical school dean controversy because all that mattered was how much money the guy brought to the university. Or when he allowed a building to be named after Al Cowlings for $15 million.

Critics will also point to the damages that will be paid to victims of George Tyndall as the biggest legacy of his tenure.

18 thoughts on “The Legacy Of Max Nikias Proves Costly

  1. C.L. Max Nikias and Michael Quick both need to be prosecuted for allowing Dr. Tyndall to run roughshod over female students in the Health Center for decades. Nikias is hiding out in Manhattan Beach after he finally agreed to leave the USC President’s residence in San Marino.

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    1. Pompous twits ..
      They led the University and the Athletic Department down the Wrong path!
      You couldn’t do worse if you tried.
      They should be admonished by every Trojan!


  2. The buck stops with the Board of Trustees. These people were happy to fire Jim Ellis for absolutely no legitimate reason, and yet they were going to let Nikias continue as President if they were left to their own devices.

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    1. Absolutely!!!
      Please kick pompous Billionaire Caruso from the President position.
      He’s already done enough damage!
      Great optics with his yacht and the Hollywood Star’s Twins During Spring Break!!


  3. 50 million was chump change! Was happy to write that check!! Nothing is too good for the greatest University in the world!

    What’s next? 15 million to blow up the “Al Cowling” building??!! DONE!! Also, how much to catch the “real OJ killers”?

    Do you know how rich I am? I’m back!

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    1. Chaz. You’re annoying as fuck in this role. Clean it up already. Even Flow hates it. Everyone needs a little Bucket. Just a little.

      Owns Nothing has been quiet tonight. Mad Dog 20/20 hangover already in progress pre-4th of July? Good work, Owns Nothing.

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      1. ‘Ain’t me, ‘04!

        I would never give any props to that pig-eyed racist!!

        Besides, the Cadre had a policy of not pushing a wider public ID of the bum so long as he remained in the shadows where he belongs!




  4. And that asshole Max Nikias had the Gawd Damn nerve to De-Emphasize Trojan football because he said the sanctions that were levied with malicious intent by the #CorruptNCAA against USC gave the university a “black eye”.

    Max Nikias should be indicted for having aided and abetted the sex offenders, drug addicts, rapist, embezzlers, thieves, cheats, money launderers and other filth like him that he associated and conspired with when he created this clusterfuck laughingstock that USC is now seen as.

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  5. Well, according to the USC administration, the Tony Bland case that everyone forgot about already, brought more negative publicity to their school then Max Nikias, and George Tyndall…LoL !! Typical arrogant, racist attitude . 😂😂

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  6. What has Al Cowlings got to do with anything. Wolf why do you hate him so? USC needed a building and Al’s Toy Barn wasn’t available. The students who use the building don’t give a rat’s ass who paid for the building.

    Give it a rest.


  7. People are talking about Max’s legacy as if he left the university already.

    Max is still around! And, he has a plush new office to keep spreading his bad influence. His legacy might still have some unwritten pages.


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  8. Can’t wait to see that fucking C.L. (guess what that stands for) Max Nikias hauled out of that new office in handcuffs. This guy, along with Pat Haden, Michael Quick and the fuck ups who comprise the Board of Trustees, have ruined my school. Past interim President, Wanda Austin, should have asked for the resignations of the Board of Trustees members, but did not have the balls to do it. USC has become a national educational joke. Now we have to pay $50 MILLION to the University of California for stealing their Alzheimer research from UC San Diego and we still employ the researchers who were part of this research theft and grant thievery ? This was approved by that drug using former Medical School Dean whose antics were well known to Nikias and he allowed this. Shit, this place is no better than Cal State Bakersfield (with apologies to the Roadrunners).


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