Happy Fourth Of July

Here’s a photo from 1964 when the Coliseum fireworks show on the Fourth of July lit up the sky in Exposition Park.

33 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Of July

  1. One thing that worries me is when Clancy and Clay get fired over the Courtright suit, we get to endure another HC search committee or search company fiasco. Holt would be smart to have three names in mind to replace the two, plus Mr. Blindsided also.

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    1. Why is it that the greatest university in the world has only THREE LETTERS USC when that other school across town UCLA has 4??!!

      Is it because usc didn’t have enough money for another letter??!! I’ll gladly pay for another letter or two! We could be USUCC!! University of Serendipitously Ubiquitous Coeducationally Challenged.

      #DoYouKnowHowRichIam?? #I’MBACK


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    2. #TheDe-EmphasisOfTrojanFootball IsAliveAndWell2019


      – C.L. Max Nikias

      a.k.a. #TheClownBehindTheCurtain


    3. I was with you all the way up to “Holt would be smart…”

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      1. A retarded Chimp would have figured out who Tebow_Obama was talking about , Sherlock 🕵️‍♂️ smh !!


      2. @MG

        I never mentioned any “Holt”…you dolt!

        #GetYourFactsStraight…That RequiresPullingYourHeadOutOfYourAss


      3. @USCFanBoy

        Speaking of “retarded chimp”…word is the 6.6 earthquake in Ridgecrest woke Pudly up, knocked him and Helton right out of bed.


      4. tebow —I wasn’t referring to you when I mentioned the Folt/Holt deal —


      5. Don’t argue with fanboy Michael, he clearly knew who tbone meant right away…and as he said a “chimp would know”….

        wonder what it’s like going through life dumber than owns?? Just ask the tres stooges!
        tbone – fanboy – brudhakrappa…



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      6. Pudly —As usual, you’re right.
        P. S.
        Happy 4th!

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      7. I think Pudly 76 is finally coming around to letting me Fuck his wife, and big tittie, owl 🦉 eye nipple, daughter at the same time And if the Dumb ass wants to watch, while both of those stank ass hoes call my name, I actually think I might let him 😁😁😁💋💋💋💋


  2. Happy Fourth if July people of the blogosphere. I am headed to a foreign stadium in Pasadena to see the only fireworks display in said stadium since January 1, 2017. And to prove I’m American, I’m spending $40 to park so I can use my $15 ticket to see this display.
    I’m surprised nobody mentioned the bygone era when the coliseum hosted bang up shows.

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    1. I’ll bring the Forth of July back to the Coliseum!! How much is it gonna cost?? Name your price!!

      Meanwhile Rialto Trojan, I’ll pay the $40 parking and $15 ticket price. I know you poor boys in the inland empire can’t afford it!

      Have I told you lately that I’m RICH?? I’m BACKKKKKK

      via GIPHY

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      1. RT only wants to celebrate the “FOURTH” of July, NOBS…..

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      2. Can you imagine how entertaining NO BS is going to be in 60 days once the season starts?


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      3. Cal75—-
        You want football, my friend? Oh, we’ll give you football…..

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      4. Cal Hippie75’s life is centered around and a product of a C.I.A. psyops operation based out of Laurel Canyon, brainwashed into thinking the mentally challenged acid induced low life he has led, was by choice, when in fact he has been a product of the governments…


    2. Rialto,

      Save yourself $40.00 and park on Lincoln and Mountain and walk down to the bowl. It will take u two hours to get out. It is a 20 minute walk down and back up. It is better this way


      1. And a box of doughnuts!! Make it snappy owns, or send one of your dumber brothers to fetch em…


        dumbass ruin wannabe


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      1. Your game is as weak as your sports relevance… oops! make that the ruin’s relevance.

        ruin wannabe troll..



    2. Clang
      First we have FB with the best Defense in the PAC. B sure to alert chippy to pay attention when you serve him his strawberry shakes.
      Next we have rugby when all the CAL greats return from the NFL to participate in a mans sport. The CAL greats who comprise the most of any school in the greatest top 50 NFL list. You know whom I’m speaking of right clang boy? The CAL greats who have the SECOND HIGHEST NFL PAYROLL RANK.


    3. Hey Just Rent,

      You hate this day more than any other because it goes against the grain of Lenin, Trotsky, and Marx. We Americans love our freedom, commie lover


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