If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

USC has some great skill players but why can’t it land great offensive linemen?

It has four offensive line commits for 2020 who have a total of 16 scholarship offers from Power 5 schools. The three linemen who committed elsewhere (Myles Murao, Drake Metcalf, Jeffrey Persi) since June 25 have 58 offers from Power 5 schools.

Murao became Washington’s 10th commitment for 2020 and improved the Huskies’ recruiting class to No. 31 in Rivals’ rankings. USC has nine commitments and is ranked No. 59 by Rivals.

The Huskies also have a commitment from four-star offensive tackle Roger Rosengarten, who like Murao also spurned USC.

Maybe offensive line prospects realize they require good coaching to develop. They can’t simply show up ready-made like a five-star wide receiver. They need to be coached.

  • It seems crazy to even wonder when USC will compete with Clemson or Alabama. Recruiting needs to catch up to a lot more schools first.
  • There were crickets from the USC recruiting analysts Thursday regarding Murao’s commitment to Washington. It’s funny how they drop a kid once he decides on a school not called USC.
  • I hear new President Carol Folt‘s email inbox was inundated this week with comments about USC athletics. Her first day had a $2 million lawsuit filed against USC by a former football analyst. Her third day had USC pay UC San Diego $50 million and apologize for engaging in unethical behavior.
  • There are people who work in the athletic dept. administration who believe either athletic director Lynn Swann or senior associate athletic director Steve Lopes will eventually be held accountable by Folt for the mismanagement of the past 2-3 years.
  • I previously wrote about actress Marlo Thomas, who graduated from USC, dating Trojan basketball player Jim Pugh in the late 1950’s. At the time she was known more as the daughter of entertainer-TV star Danny Thomas, who she took to Julie’s restaurant to wait for Pugh after a basketball game.
  • But a more high-profile relationship took place about 10 years later. Mike Hull, a USC fullback who played from 1965-67, dated actress Sally Field.

One time, USC was on its way to the Beef Bowl before playing in the Rose Bowl, and the team buses passed a billboard for the TV show, “The Flying Nun,” which starred Field. Hull never heard the end of it from his teammates in the bus.

31 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Steve Lopes was here before Swann took over and is the bridge of mismanagement under Haden that continued under Swann. He is heavily involved in football operations and pushed heavily for Haden to hire Sark (along with Mark Jackson, now AD at Villanova). This guy has been an utter disaster and should be let go before Swann.

    The reason USC has had terrible mismanagement with back to back AD’s is because the no. 2, Steve Lopes, was working under both guys.



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    1. And, if you all remember the blogger’s post a few weeks ago, Steve Lopes wants USC to play lower FCS teams. That’s another reason to show this guy the door.




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      1. Swann and Lopes are a duo that’s keeps SC from being elite again.
        Totally Pompous and arrogant!
        President Folt should clean house
        And get her staff choices put into place.

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  2. This is how clueless Clay Helton is as a coach, he had this idiot Neil Callaway supposedly trying to coach the Trojan offensive lineman…

    Good Gawd Almighty, and Helton was very outspoken about not wanting Callaway fired, Helton had actual tears when he was forced to fire that clown Callaway.

    Watch that video and you just shake your head wondering why in the hell would anyone even consider hiring Callaway in the first place. But for Helton to have that guy on staff for years knowing he wasn’t doing Trojan players any good at all, Damn!

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    1. I am not an expert but uhhh when I hear uhhhh a person with uhhhh huge gaps in his uhhh speech I automatically uhhhh think he’s trying to uhhhh come up with an excuse for his uhhhh shortcomings. Honestly he sounds less interested than he should be and makes Homer Simpson look like an eloquent speaker. I’m glad he is no longer there.

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    2. You can always go back to the well on this video, tebow. It is almost inconceivable that Helton would allow his o-line to be demoralized day in and day out by someone like Callaway. I don’t think Clay is dumb so there is only one other explanation —no one else wanted the job at the time. When Drevno burned out with Harbaugh & became available again, Callaway’s days were numbered —but by that time the harm done to 3 separate recruiting classes was irrevocable.

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  3. There’s not one person in USC’s athletic dept. that’s worth keeping around…they’re all worthless.

    And as long as that asshole Max Nikias is around, you can be damn sure that he is going to make Trojan football suffer, he hates the football program with a passion.

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  4. According to Big T, the Americans, during the Revolutionary War, captured an airport(s). Personally, I did not know that – I mean airports in the 18th Century?

    So will one of the huge Trump rah-rah’s like 22, PT, ’67, or any other sunshine pumping Trumpster please inform me what airport (s) we, the Revolutionary American Soldiers captured? I’m thinking maybe JFK and/or Yorktown International Airport.

    Patiently waiting………


    1. Try reading some history, Owns! It was Burbank Airport —-a tremendous victory and, best of all, no lives were lost.
      Trump says dumb things every day but nobody tops Hillary —I particularly like it when she quotes the Declaration of Independence as the law of the land….

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      1. MG
        You be careful here. Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, that great mountain climber. Little did mom & dad know that she would put those tremendous athletic skills to use as she was ducking incoming AA fire.


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      2. Cal75
        It’s funny how people jump all over Trump (okay, he seems to be always asking for it) but weigh the sins of the Clintons on different scales. It’s also funny how, during the debates, Tulsi Gabbard says she wants the federal government to concentrate on rebuilding America and stay out of wars that have nothing to do with our security —while Kamala Harris pretends to be personally “hurt” that Joe Biden negotiated progressive legislation with backward members of the senate —-and everybody is talking about Harris’—-not Tulsi’s— Big Moment.

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      3. gt —Obama appeared—several times —to not know the number of states in the union when he ran the first time — frequently coming up with the wrong number (“I’ll campaign in all 70 states”) but the press recognized the guy was exhausted from putting in 20 hour days and they cut him a break. The fact the Washington Post is having SO much fun with Trump’s misstatement tells you all you need to know.

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      4. MG
        I like the idea of rebuilding infrastructure in the U.S.A. However, Don’t take your eye off the ball. Mexico is a failed narco state for sale to anyone(where is NO BS when we need him?) Aus & CA are nearly Chinese satellite states. Africa’s natural resources are being gobbled by China. China expanding into the So. China Sea will eventually strangle shipping to So. Korea, Japan & Philippine’s. China is gradually absorbing Eastern Russia by inter marriage. China has figured out debt servitude through the diabolical OBOR endgame. In addition, Russia is expanding into the Artic.
        Everytime somebody buys a Chinese plastic toy at Wal-Mart, we fund their military. Every time Turkey buys the 400 system or India buys Sukois, we fund Russia military expansionism.
        Has anybody ever done business with the chicoms or rooskies on this forum? You’re smart if you just smile & say let me think about & loose their #.
        You can stick a fork in Biden because he’s past his shelf life. The rest of that group are small minded, provincial cast members fighting amongst themselves for recognition.

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      5. Yes, “small minded provincials.” Hopefully, the race will turn into a career killer for some of them. {By the way, it’s kinda amazing to watch the dems trash the ideas and policies of John & Robert Kennedy as being racist. As for Biden, every single time I see him struggling to finish a short sentence, I recall Joe Louis’ remark during the Clay/Liston fight —“Wow. Liston got old overnight!”

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      6. I’d be more inclined to believe the D of I was a Law as opposed to T’s asinine declaration that American forces captured airports during the War of Independence.

        MG, this is the hilarious part, T is blaming the malfunction of his Teleprompter caused T to assert airports were captured by American Forces.

        MG, why does T need a Teleprompter to cue his tiny brain/obese mouth airports didn’t exist in the 18th century?


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      7. My Dear Friend Owns — No one should try to cover for all the stuff Trump says. But the fact that some of it is bat shit, doesn’t mean all of it is. Catch?

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    1. LFOL, just stinking outstanding Fred!

      I wish I thought of it.

      Do I have permission to use your precise information to beat kal’86 up-side his head for his ignorant gaffe?


      1. Yes mule you have my permission to continually reinforce your position as #1 class clown.

        She stated she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Not I.


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  5. MG, T’s small-time mouthpiece claims with a straight face:

    “The fact the Washington Post is having SO much fun with Trump’s misstatement tells you all you need to know.”

    MG, that’s true, because the WP can’t bust T for Bald Face lying. It is hard for the WP not to point out just how stupid dumb T is. I’m informed the last thing T read and understood was a double bubblegum wrapper cartoon.

    BTW MG, I’ll wager $$$ to donuts you videotaped Venezuela’s Military Parade to show T how an actual Dictator organizes a Military Parade.

    #T, the author of 10,000 + bald-faced, BS lies and counting.



    1. Venezuela’s parade was televised?
      [But…wait a minute….isn’t Venezuela’s “dictator” a good guy for kicking out American oil companies and ruining his economy through ill conceived and wasteful give away programs—shouldn’t we WANT to emulate such a hero of the people]?

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    2. No he just watched film of your lib heroes FDR. Truman and JFK’s military parades you pathetic lying ruin hypocrite libtard.



      1. 22, I have no need to lie. Every time T opens his piehole he farts another bald face, chesseburger lie that only a moronic, half-wit coward such as yourself 22 would blindly gulp swallow like a cheap porn star.

        Methinks you doth protest too much 22. It has to be hard 22, you always defending your POS Fuhrer who can’t claim the IQ of concrete block.

        #22, the oooooo so manly man gladly swallows for his blowhard fuhrer T.



  6. Republicans are 90% + nothing but hate mongers overall.
    Afraid of Trump like the measles outbreak. This site is typical
    of the old USC with right wing conservative posters talking trash.
    Pete Carroll was not of your kind.


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