USC Actually Wants 2-3 Star Recruits

You might think USC is struggling in its attempt to land quality offensive line recruits.

But you don’t realize the Trojans really don’t want the top prospects.

Here is what USC offensive line coach Tim Drevno recently told The Athletic:

“If you get a guy who’s really raw,” Drevno said, “his ceiling will probably be higher. Because he hasn’t been taught all those things.”

Drevno said he wants “good clay to be molded.”

So Drevno intentionally wants 2-and-3 star prospects? What a rationalization.

Most of these offensive linemen who are rated 4-or-5 stars are not just being judged on technique. They are being judged on their athletic ability and most likely, potential.

There are studies that show teams with more 4-and-5 star recruits are more successful.

These quotes tell me Drevno knew USC was not going to get the best offensive line targets and needed an excuse.

Since when does a program as prestigious as USC aim lower?

It’s just another byproduct of the Clay Helton era.

11 thoughts on “USC Actually Wants 2-3 Star Recruits

  1. All offensive lineman are raw coming out of High School, and a good college coach can break them of any bad habits, that they were previously taught . And I’m disappointed with Tim Drevno’s comments, but I’m sure they came for that loser, Clay Bozo Helton.

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    1. During Drevno’s years at Stanford, 2007-2010, Stanford never landed a 5 star recruit and only landed one 4 star. They built those lines with two and three star recruits. It wasn’t until Harbaugh left in 2011 that Stanford landed their first two 5 star lineman. They were A. Peat and K. Murphy.
      They did run a different style of offense there, but it was successful.
      I am not saying He’s going to build a stellar offensive line, but he knew what they was looking for while at Stanford to fit their offense.


  2. Oscar De La Hoya: “When we look for prospects at Golden Boy what we want are kids that haven’t won very many amateur bouts —preferably kids that have been knocked out a lot — it gives us clay to be molded.”
    U. S. Marine Recruiter: “I’m looking for guys that have not excelled at anything in their lives. It gives us clay….etc., etc.”

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  3. I suppose it has to happen sooner or later. USC is recruiting a three hundred pound piccolo player from Fresno and even though she has never played football I understand she’s mastered 8 to the 5 and her footwork is tops (for someone who can’t see her feet)
    And getting our quarterback up under center won’t look so strange with this young lady raising her tail. I don’t know how many stars she has but the way we’re going we need a few negative stars.

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    1. Man, oh man! Thanks for bringing us this important update, RT! I am so angry I can’t see straight! We’ve hit an all time low! What the hell is happening to our program?!!

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      1. I can’t speak for the line but I know the half time show will pick up and in concert season she plays a mean bassoon. (The common musical term for which is faggot or bundle of sticks)
        You gotta love a wicked sense of humor, it helps you get through the bad seasons.

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  4. Recruiting the O-line has been grim, but on the other hand, look at Wisconsin. Their recruiting classes are typically in the 35-50 range, but they have effective and disciplined o-lines, and an average year for them is 9-3 in a much tougher conference.



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  5. Joey Wright is athletic, can dunk and has size. Juergens runs a 4.6. Milek and Dewerk are also athletic with size. I would take them over the four oafy 4* guards that went elsewhere


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