USC Afternoon Notes: A Recruiting Target

Have you read any USC recruiting sites wonder why offensive line coach Tim Drevno is not landing better recruits?

Just some quotes from Drevno saying he wants 2-3 star recruits. But nothing from the sites about whether Drevno is doing his job well by losing out on local recruits like Myles Murao (Washington) and Drake Metcalf (Stanford).

You know why coaches don’t get criticized much? Because they feed reporters recruiting information.

  • JT Daniels made the watch list for the Maxwell Award, which goes to the college player of the year. Defensive tackle Jay Tufele made the watch list for the Bednarik Award.
  • Maybe new USC president Carol Folt wanted the Trojans to schedule UC Davis since she got her doctorate from there. Just kidding.

16 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: A Recruiting Target

  1. Until USC becomes serious about being a football power again by hiring a top flight coach and not a errand boy as well as an AD who isn’t on the golf course or at autograph signings, no one with any talent will play there, no one.

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  2. Drevno………..I hope you’re a genius with an eye for sniffing out real talent.
    We’re already trending towards a jam packed class of 3-Star kids that Oregon State or Utah would best be suited for.
    Plus the #2 Overall player in the nation LB Justin Flowe said if USC doesn’t have a bounce back year in a big way from 5-7 he’s ghost (GONE).

    I’ll let Drevno work. Maybe he’s got some kids ready for later in the last part of the cycle. But winning games and closing with the personal connection and/or selling USC is what we need from this point forward.

    No disrespect to Drevno, but 3-Star OLineman go schools like Ucla or Arizona.

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      1. Honest answer: I have no idea on how many 5 star guys Harbaugh (and Drevno) had on the line at Stanford…..
        But —-in case you’re saying that Drevno can dominate the Pac 12 with 3 star players —- the present version of Drevno is not the same guy that did wonders at Stanford.


    1. When Clay Helton hires a fucking clown like this to coach USC’s offensive line…

      and knows Gawd Damn well that Neil Callaway is a shit coach that was incapable of developing any of the players he was coaching…why in the hell would a 4 or 5 star offensive line recruit or any recruit for that matter, trust Clay Helton to prepare him for the next level?

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      1. Q: “How come you haven’t had success?”
        Callaway: “We’ve had success.”
        Q: “Really? How do you define success?”
        Callaway: “Uh. Uh. Watch the film. The good and the bad.”
        This is what our o-line had to listen to 4 days a week —until they lost all desire to live…..


    2. The only recent coach who had an eye for sniffing out talent was Ed Orgeron, and the USC administration thought he was too stupid to run their program, so they opted for the genius, Bozo Helton 😂😂😂

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      1. Ed O could get kids from across the country like Leonard Williams and sniff out a work in progress with potential that he knew would someday develop like a BKU out of high school.
        But truthfully I thought Ed O blew his job interview by losing to Notre Dame and Ucla. He couldn’t put any kind of game plan together to contain Brett Hundley and Jim Mora came away looking like he was on another level as a coach. I hated that Helton was hired after beating UCLA. That was a foolish mistake. John Harbaugh was the guy I was hoping for USC to hire but we keep finding ways to make life harder at USC.


  3. Lighten up on UC Davis already. We play UC Los Angeles and UC Berkley why not another UC team? After all the only difference is the city they’re located in. Besides last year UC Davis had a better record than the two we play combined.

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