USC Picture Of The Day

Don Clark played at USC and was the Trojans’ football coach from 1957-59. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and if you talk to anyone that knew him, they only speak highly of him.

So it’s a little sad that he lasted only three seasons as coach and even his best season (8-2 in 1959) was bittersweet because it ended with losses to UCLA and Notre Dame.

That is why I like this 1958 picture, which captures his family, including his six kids. In the photo are his wife, Dorothy, and Don (14), Debbie (10), Diana (6), Denise (5), Dana (3) and Derek (in Dorothy’s arms).

11 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

    1. Jess Hill was the coach previous to Don Clark, and he became the AD at SC.

      Hill was SC basketball coach for a very short time also,having been a multi sport star at SC.
      There is nothing wrong with being an AD/ coach and an alumnus…it just cannot and/or should not be the most important reason. A coach or AD is like being a manager or teacher,not all people manage or teach well.


    1. Define “weathered”.

      USC’s name is pretty much mud. And as long as Max Nikias is still associated with the university and having the influence that he does over the BoT…the more USC will be looked upon as a scandalous clusterfuck that refuses to clean house and get its shit straight.

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    2. I am not condoning this type of “alleged” behavior, this appears to be the result of more “metoo” thought. Reminds me of a watered down Kavanaugh allegation. Doing three jobs? Offered me drinks? same job title? Why not leave if you are unhappy? This gal puts up with this BS for three years? Not buying it.

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  1. No wonder dude didn’t last- he was always making babies. I am not knocking him as I myself am the youngest of 6 ( mom’s side) and the youngest of ???? on my dad’s.



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