JT Daniels Provides Golden Moment

I guess today is just a day where USC provides comedy gold with comments.

Here is JT Daniels talking about his height.

“I’m still 6-1 1/2,” in his bare feet, he says, “6-2 1/2 or 6-3,” in his cleats.”

Have you ever heard a QB talk about his height in cleats?

So Carson Palmer was 6-6 or 6-6 1/2 in cleats? How come they never mentioned that at the NFL combine?

Did you ever hear an analyst say Russell Wilson is 6-feet tall in cleats?

Another excerpt: “if you run into JT this summer, ask him if he’s getting taller. Everybody does, he says. Probably just an optical illusion, says JT”

Doesn’t every 19-year-old grow an inch or two?

By the way, USC lists Daniels as 6-3.

32 thoughts on “JT Daniels Provides Golden Moment

  1. How many inches does J.T. need?? I can have a surgeon in China who cuts the leg bones and insert artificial bone mass to make people taller. It is expensive but I’ll be happy to write the check for it!!


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  2. My editing is on the same level or better than Mr. Wolf.
    I didn’t go to college like him and I’m product of public schooling.

    Scott Wolf/July 5, 2019

    “Do you ever heard an analyst say Russell Wilson is 6-feet tall in cleats?”

    One might wonder if Wolf’s parents bribed the university years back also. The work just doesn’t seem to match the quality of competing writers.


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    1. Sam — Wolf is diabolically being paid roughly a half million dollars a year to write this column…….

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      1. Mike,
        I believe that. He had the scent of one of those chumps. But if you look closely at an image of Scott Wolf he strongly resembles Mikhail Gorbachev. I did some research. He’s 88 now so I think Scott has to be a son or perhaps baby brother of the old Soviet leader.
        If Wolf starts asking around for “Launch Codes” then we have to bring him down. He’s a spy, could be a Bruin at heart.

        To be continued………

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      2. Sam –Good call. I’ve been secretly researching this thing, too. I wasn’t going to announce my results yet —but now that the cat is out of the bag —- here’s what I’ve come up with: Scott isn’t a person —he’s many persons. Robin Hood, D’artagnan, Fletcher Christian and Hawkeye (the Deerslayer, not the dipshit pretty boy on tv)—-they’re all Wolf.

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    2. College or no college, Flow’s “situational mastery” of the English language is quite poor. Whether in a blog or a published newspaper, if this is your job, clean it up. He’s as sloppy as Chaz Bucket. And that’s sloppy.

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    1. I heard that it’s cleats on Telegraph Avenue —-up close to University where there’s a great deal of foreign substance on the sidewalk…..

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      1. MG
        Many older guys have heard of Chuck Muncie. RIP Munce.

        So when he’s an unknown jr who was on no ones radar, he’s initially listed as 6’0″ & 199lbs. It pays to understate sometimes.

        He was 6’4″ & 240lbs w/ 9.4 100. Surprise surprise surprise. The tractor ran over him on the PA farm when he was 12 & broke both his legs. The tractor was in the shop for 2 weeks getting repaired.


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      2. Cal75 — No offense but anybody who can’t sprint from Telegraph to University in less than 5 minutes really is old. However, I’ll grant you, it’s Bancroft that intersects with Telegraph, not University…. (I blame this whole thing on the guys at the check stand at at Moe’s who never corrected me when I’d say let’s all head up Telegraph to University and get a hot dog at that dumb stand…)…

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      3. MG
        Sounds like flashbacks lol. I know you meant ‘Telegraph & THE University’.
        Telegraph, what a chithole. Except for the Rathskellar.
        If one can believe wolffy….IF… & JT is concerned about his 6.15 or 6.25 or whatever…that must mean that the new recruit QB height is living rent free in JT’s brain. In 65 yrs, I’ve never heard of any fb player discuss his own height. You are what you are, short-ave-or tall. If I was JT, I’d be more concerned with the fact that none of his teammates interdicted on his behalf when a that SC bitch-slapped him on the sidelines of last years CAL game.


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      4. Ha! [I always thought the smack that J. T. got was really for Toa —-but nobody on D had the balls so they looked around for the shortest guy on O and settled for slapping J. T.]……

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    1. P76
      Joe Roth, Muncie & Ricky Bell. 3/4 of the backfields from that great 1975 Nationally televised game on ABC. Are dead.

      They went too early.

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      1. Absolutely ’86, I remember Cocaine Chuckie. Didn’t Chuck do a nickel or so stretch in Soledad? La Dolce Vita eh ’86

        #’86 is “prortal” an Enquish noun for “really stupid kal dunce”?


  3. I’m 5’7″ with no shoes on. However, I have to wear orthopedic inserts and usually have running shoes on (the polyurethane heel supports have to be about 1/2 an inch thick v. Chuck’s which are flatter than tortillas). Needless to say, my wife was a little disappointed when we first walked on the beach barefoot. The sunset alleviated some of her anxiety.


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  4. Hey Owns I loved what they’ve done to the Rose Bowl. Huge Honda sign and a motocross ramp to entertain people when the Bruins are on offense. The fireworks last night were spectacular I only had to sit on an aluminum bench for three and a half hours to see fireworks, not unlike a Ucla game. (Although fireworks at a Ucla game usually come from drunk patrons fighting for the last chip in the nacho carton)
    But The crowd was huge I heard there were more people there than the average football crowd. And according to the program the stadium was once the home of a really great football team…you guessed it the Cal State LA Diablos played football there. (They were Diablos until a progressive administrator changed them to golden eagles)
    And it’s not how tall the Quarterback is it’s how short the time to the throw is.

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    1. Damn RT that’s some exciting life you lead, and you’re wealthy enough to blow $40 on parking and sit on hard Aluminum seats for 3- 4 hours waiting for a disappointing fireworks display. You be soooooo cool, the ultimate fat cat Clownster!

      The last time I went to Fireworks display it was free at the HB pier. What a thrilling celebration, especially the M-80’s those groovy drunks on the pier were throwing into the packed crowd below.

      RT, you must have been at the RB for the 2018 rivalry FB game to watch the Bruins bitch slapped the bozos 34 – 27.

      Wait for it RT………Ding goes the Vic Bell.


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