USC Morning Buzz: Saturday Notes

Reggie Bush left the team out of his tweet that he knows best: USC

LA sports has to be at an all time high, LA Clippers and Lakers are good now, both LA Chargers and Rams are good, and the Dodgers have the best record in baseball!— Reggie Bush (@ReggieBush) July 6, 2019

  • Jaylen Watson, a cornerback from Ventura College who signed in February, will not enroll at USC because of academics.

” Due to an overload of courses I needed to take this summer I will use this upcoming season as my redshirt year,” Watson said.

USC coaches are probably not too shook up because they are getting Chris Steele.

Personally, I will never forget a USC recruiting analyst telling me in February that Watson was better than Steele after Steele had committed to Florida.

Of course, that opinion magically changed when Steele left Florida and chose USC.

14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Saturday Notes

  1. Maybe USC coulda made Reggie’s list of top sports programs in Los Angeles if it hadn’t been hit with the sanctions HE caused…

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  2. Well I’d be upset if he mentioned any college programs, but he didn’t. Perhaps people are reading too much into the statement. I mean Chip Kelly is supposed to be an uber coach so Reggie could have mentioned the bRuins, and USC has um uhh oh the point is he was talking pro sports where the athletes make big bucks not college where a few make big bucks and screw their team for ten years.
    I will give the props to Wolf for pointing out the reason Watson is not enrolled in school-he sucks at underwater basket weaving. Many outlets are posting this as a defection, but truth be told (by Wolf no less) he cannot enroll. Now tomorrow he (Wolf) might quote an anonymous source telling us Watson booted his summer school class to void his commitment to USC because another player has a chance to start, but today he’s playing the truth card

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      1. Mule, Clean up on aisle 7 in Ridgecrest.
        Bring a sponge & a bucket. All the Makers & red wine you can soak up is yours to keep.
        I thought of you owns this morning when I dropped a couple of your little brothers off at the pool.

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      2. justowns, Cal75,

        Neither of you are funny… I can fix that for you. I’ll pay for you to get some lessons at the Will Farrell school of comedy! It will take some big bucks but I’ll gladly write that check!


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      3. NO BS
        Save your money. I have a new team of writers starting next week. Thanks for the offer.
        Mule, however, needs you. Catch him on his break at the donut shop.

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      4. NOBS –Did you see Will in “Holmes and Watson”? I’d rather we all take lessons from you.

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  3. Cal75 —Assuming that this is actually going on, is there a medical reason why they didn’t sedate the dissident before removing his organs? Wouldn’t that be easier and quieter? Are all Chinese hospital workers sworn to secrecy about this practice? Do you buy this story?


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