Everything Is A Photo Op

Call me crazy but should the USC strength coach be taking pictures with his phone during workouts?

  • New USC president Carol Folt actually has someone answering calls in her office today. Not bad on a Saturday.

13 thoughts on “Everything Is A Photo Op

  1. Flow, by the looks of you over the years, I’d say you need a little “strength and conditioning” yourself…On the other hand, stop hating on something you have no clue about. Let the new S&C coach do his thing and hype up the players and his new program. I’m sure he has the all clear for social media content. We all know you, Flow, will be the first to jump all over the S&C coach come the first minor injury.

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  2. If he ain’t lifting, then his hands are free to hold the phone. What’s the big deal?!? I’m sure the players are spotting each other.

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  3. Scott had me make that call to Folt. As soon as I heard her answer I did as told— cursed at her in Helton’s back country drawl and hung up…..

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      1. 67 —That explains why he popped for the $10 for me make the call….

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  4. “Everything Is A Photo Op”

    Yeah, all those millennials and snowflakes are a bunch of drama queens.

    Instead of being in the weight room working out, they’re out posing for pictures.

    When they get they their asses handed to them by Notre Dame…they’ll know why.

    Probably won’t bother J.T. Daniels, he didn’t seem to mind losing to the Irish last year as he was “pictured” laughing on the sidelines at the end of the game.


    1. He wasn’t “laughing”, tebow —he was just pleased USC beat the spread….


  5. Nothing is free on the internet. That’s the great ruse everything appears to be free, but while you are looking over here the internet is looking back over there. If you haven’t noticed, there are ads all over this page, but if you accidentally or intentionally hit one you have paid for this blog. Most people who get services for free usually their money’s worth.
    I looked on line at USC ticket prices a few weeks ago and for three days straight all internet ads were for USC tickets. All three of my active email accounts received mail from the ticket office.
    I actually come to this blog for the low brow humor and my own attempt to raise it just a bit. If I want real news I go to bleacher report or Trojan daily blog. I also set my browser to delete cookies. It doesn’t always help but it fools me into thinking pages like these are free.

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    1. Cool. I urge everyone to click all Mortuary, Russian Mail Order Bride and Beauty Tip ads…..


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