USC Morning Buzz: Time For Recruiting Break

USC has gotten a lot of commitments the past month, which usually makes fans happy.

But with all the two-and-three star commitments, maybe it’s best if the Trojans took a break.

Perhaps recruiting coordinator Johnny Nansen and crew should go back and re-evaluate who is left so that USC can make better choices. Or figure out how it lost Myles Murao when all the recruiting services had him pegged to USC.


6 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Time For Recruiting Break

  1. Lynn “I’m 67 Years Old And Still Have A Lisp” Swann and Clay “I Was Steve Sarkisian’s Errand Boy” Helton…Both Suck!

    That Is All…Carry On!

    As You Were


  2. USC can’t get out of its own way!!
    What a disappointing program!
    Swann, Helton and Staff stink
    And should be fired.
    President Folt needs to get a big time winning coach.. Urban Meyer and a Competent AD.. One that shows up for work and is not playing golf 3 days a week or charging for his autographs !!

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    1. Robert —serious question: do you think Swann and Helton will get out of Graham Harrell’s way?

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      1. This is what you can expect from Graham Harrell! Ask Mike McCarthy what he thinks about Graham Harrell!



  3. There’s nothing for Johnny Nansen to re-evaluat, or figure out, other then the fact that Clay Helton has tarnished the program, and is not a very good coach. He’s weak, and has no leadership skills at all. If you take 3 or 4 of the top JC coaches in the state of California, I guarantee they would do a better job then Bozo Helton.

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