What Does ESPN’s Football Power Index Project For USC?

Every year, ESPN comes out with its FPI ratings (Football Power Index), which is “a measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of a team’s performance going forward for the rest of the season.”

So how does USC project? ESPN projects the Trojans with 6.7 wins and 5.5 losses with a 7 percent of winning the Pac-12. How does that sound?

21 thoughts on “What Does ESPN’s Football Power Index Project For USC?

    1. Don’t worry everyone! I spoke with Lynn Swann over a round of golf (that I paid for) at Los Angeles Country Club this morning. He promised me that the football team will win at least 7 games this upcoming season! I told him he can stay at my mansion on Coronado island if USC makes it to the Holiday bowl! If we make it to the little caesar’s pizza bowl Swan is on his own. I don’t own any real estate in Detroit!!

      #DoYouKnowHowConnectedIam? #DoYouKnowHowRichIam?

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    2. Pac12 –I really hope we don’t look back on this season and realize that the six and a half wins prediction was as it good as it was going to get…..

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    1. ’83, this definitely has Scottie’s fingerprints all over it.

      The team is apparently playing 12.2. games this season – 6.6 wins and 5.7 losses.

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      1. Ha! [ESPN’s calculations here are very complicated, 67 —they involve string theory and a working knowledge of eternal expansion]…..

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      2. Michael, I don’t think that anyone at ESPN understands what they are doing.

        ESPN thinks ucla will win 7.8 games (really?) And Utah wins 8.6 games.

        Yet ucla is ranked ahead of Utah…



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      3. 67 —Agreed. ESPN is a joke. The only “prognosticator” I respect is Phil Steele —and he thinks we have a chance to do big things this year. I can’t help thinking that, with all our weapons, even Drevno’s mediocre o-line won’t hold us back from scoring 35 points a game….

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      4. What crock of s**t ’67.

        Felony U is strictly a 2019, 4 – 8 FB program.



    1. My Dear Owns,
      After the 2019 game —-when UCLA not only loses by 2 scores but strips their coach naked on national television and makes him run sprints until he dies —will you be say “UCLA’s FPI: 11.9”??……

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    2. Breaking News: Rich Clinton Foundation Donor Epstein Busted for Underage Sex Trafficking.

      Fake News Reuterville also wants you to know that the prosecutor who made that deal was Alex Acosta, who is President Trump’s Secretary of Labor, but didn’t bother to mention that Owns heart throb Robert Mueller was running the FBI at the time Epstein got a slap on the hand. USA Today, which is just total garbage, wants you to know there is a Trump-Epstein connection because they put it in the title that Epstein was a “associate” of Trump, not BJ Clinton’s party pal who took the First Pervert over to Pedo Island on his private jet.

      Owns, who is “Attorney General Bates”? What is it like being a complete libtard moron who lets Media Matters do his thinking for him?

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      1. gt –I give Owns credit for not believing half the stuff he says to drive us crazy (but let’s face it, his specialty areas are baseball and Mark Twain —interestingly, two All- American subjects). As far as the pathetically lame attempts of the media to link this Epstein mess to Trump, it’s such a losing hand to play. As the paper trail and witness statements start pouring out, it’s gonna get clearer and clearer who liked 13 year old girls —–and it ain’t gonna be Trump. [The “elite” media would be so smart to just report this story straight —-but they’re not smart —it’s that simple].


  1. Okay okay now everyone take a deep breath and remember ESPN stands for Every Spin Projected Network. ESPN is owned and run by ABC which stands for American Bullshit Council. And is owned by Disney which stands for Disregard Initial Story Now Enlist Yours. Disney is run by a mouse who is 90 years old.
    Just how many 90year old mice do you know who can count to 12 without pulling down their pants?

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