Bettors Wary Of USC

BetOnline released its updated win totals for college football teams and USC is at 7, which is close to other services.

But even BetOnline notes the big drop from its opening line for USC.

2019 Regular Season Wins – USC Trojans              

Over                                           7           (-120, 5/6)       

Under                                         7          (EVEN, 1/1)

(Note: their win total has went down from 8½ since original release)    

9 thoughts on “Bettors Wary Of USC

  1. The point is to win games anyway you can. Last year Helton apparently considered it a throwaway year (high school QB, Coliseum renovation, etc.). Helton played a center who couldn’t snap the ball but what did he care? That player was his pet. He played a QB to develop him for the future instead of winning games in the present year. Helton has to put the best players who can win games on the field. If that means putting a running QB on the field then do it even if the other QB supposedly has better practices. This year SC has a potential weapon in the punting game. Can they capitalize on it to WIN? Last year many teams just loaded the box and shut down the run game and defied SC to throw the ball. They did throw it but couldn’t win games that way (despite the starting QB supposedly having the ability to throw balls beyond the has marks). So, once again, look for teams to jam the box and force passing plays. SC receivers do not have the speed to separate much from the defenders. And the attack defense collapsed in too many games but Wilcox up at Cal used a containment defense to success. Learning is not doing it the same way that resulted in failure. And reportedly the players are voicing that they are into “learning” this year. But how about the coach?

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    1. Sir,

      I respectfully disagree. It is never a throw away year at SC. Helton was lost. Helton said his hands were tied to starting Daniels. This tells me that he does not have control of the politics or the team. Helton had better learn how to be a head coach before the season starts or it will be like last year. Thank you.


  2. Clay Helton is a second rate head coach and the USC BoT doesn’t care.

    The BoT should stick with Helton and give him another crack at Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide in 2020 regardless of how bad Helton is going to stink it up this year as he leads the Trojans to another sub .500 record.

    Let Alabama put the final nail in the coffin of Clay Helton’s coaching career.



  3. In a huge upset, USC beats Alabama by a score of 7 to 1….
    [Alabama will lose their last second touchdown for celebrating in the endzone… but be allowed to kick the extra point by an SEC officiating crew obsessed with preventing a shut out]…..


    1. MG,
      I can see that you too are wishing the season would start.



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