USC And The Opening

Does it matter that there are 17 recruits at The Opening, Nike’s football combine, from the West Coast and 11 eliminated USC?

And how many of those six will actually pick USC?


8 thoughts on “USC And The Opening

    1. Had a nice meeting with ole’ gal, Carol Folt during our massage session at the Four Seasons ( not at the Thai place on Figueroa, where they stick their thumb up your ass, it’s helton’ s favorite place) I told her that I would gladly pay Osa Masina to plug up any holes at The Opening!! I heard he is good at it!


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      1. Harrell’s UNT team ran up 35 points a game and 461 yards of offense – without much starred talent. This included 44 points against Arkansas.

        I am not saying that this approach is necessarily the best way to win, but on the other hand, lots of Pac-12 defenses are weak. Harrell might be very successful, even with a weak O-line. Spread offenses are considered to be relatively effective if one doesn’t have the best linemen…

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      2. It’s funny that you bring up that UNT 35 point offense, 67 —-I think Harrell will add about 10 points to Helton’s 26 point per game offense…..

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