USC Morning Buzz: Can History Repeat Itself With Ticket Sales?

With ticket sales struggling and some reports season tickets are down 35 percent, it reminds me of a story from 1962.

USC had a legendary ticket manager named John Morley back then who was univerally liked and respected. It really was a different era!

Anyways, USC went 4-5-1 in 1961 but then midway through 1962 the Trojans were 6-0.

Morley started getting up at 3 a.m. to meet ticket demands from alumni he had not heard from in 10 years.

Can history repeat itself?

It will if you believe any of the strength-coach videos or USC-centric pundits who claims things are 100 percent better without setting foot on campus.

(The photo above shows Willie Brown in the 1963 Rose Bowl).

  • A booster called me Sunday and said he was told new USC president Carol Folt would call him today regarding the athletic dept.

Do I believe it? No. Does he believe it? Not really.

So we will see.

  • In another era at USC, this was the time of year when some USC assistant coaches would do work as extras in Hollywood. Marv Goux appeared on the TV shows “Medical Center,” “Columbo,” “Banacek” and “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”

He also was in the movie “Spartacus” among others. Below is one of Goux’s appearances on “Columbo,” where he portrayed a football coach (of course).

14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Can History Repeat Itself With Ticket Sales?

  1. History won’t repeat itself, because Clueless Clay Helton will never go 6-0 in anything, except the first six votes in a “Dumb Ass”, poll. And on another note, I guess Lynn Swann will survive, otherwise he would have been fired by now .

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  2. The Stanford game will be the deciding factor on what the season will be like for SC. You will be able to tell if Helton is in charge of the offense that will sputter or will it be Harrell’s offense. If it is Harrell’s then I will hold my opinion until i see more.

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  3. For history to repeat itself the Trojans will need more than wins. First history has to change with stadium management. Uneven security practices such as making a family of 4 throw away a tube of sunscreen because it is “too big” but allowing the same tube in, for people sitting in front of that family has got to change. Then there times in years I traveled to the Coliseum they announced renovations to their restrooms and concessions, but renovations has meant slapping on a new paint scheme or removing the privacy walls. And concessions are just pop ups with overpriced hotdogs.
    Then parking and around the area security needs to improve. Now that they have given away a stadium parking lot, their only solution is telling people to take mass transit. I don’t mind, but people don’t like being sardines.
    Finally the team should show improvement. Recently there has been so little interest in the athletic department at USC that whole months have gone by without mentioning the teams in the newspaper. The SCNG completely skipped USC in their sports section the month of June and nothing as of yesterday. (I will admit that the inland empire papers are lacking in other areas too).
    If all these things come to pass them maybe, just maybe NOBS will buy me tickets to the last few game (DoyouknowhowpoorIam?)

    All that one finger typing just for that little joke? I must be bored.

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  4. Asking fans to fork over the “personal seat license” fee per seat (somwhere between $1,000 and $4,000) just to have the right to purchase season tickets had to have a hand in season ticket sales being down, too.

    USC can’t squeeze long time fans by putting a price tag on everything conceivable under the Game Day sun and then scratch their heads and ask why ticket sales are down and no one wants to go to games anymore.

    USC has become Sharon Stone in the film “Casino.’ A money grubbing whore out to squeeze their mark for everything who then turns around and complains when the well runs dry.



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      1. #WithTheSafeDepositBoxFullofJewels&Cash




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  5. Getting up at 3 am to deal with ticket requests – imagine what that was like before the widespread adoption of computers…

    If Folt’s assistant scheduled a phone call with a booster less than a week into the job, the this must be a really important donor. But on the other hand, all the really big donors are already sitting on the over-sized BOT, and they already have access to Folt.

    This raises the question…


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  6. wolfman, you are too modest to mention you have been used numerous times as a stock bodybuilder extra…..around the pool or at Muscle Beach in Venice. in fact, in one movie the credits simply listed you as “muscle Man”!!!



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