Some USC Skepticism Over Showcase

I asked a booster who has donated millions of dollars to USC what they thought of the fall showcase scrimmage.

“The only people that will go are people who want to see that (new) tower they built,” said the booster. “I’m not going.”

7 thoughts on “Some USC Skepticism Over Showcase

  1. That’s called a “wussy-booster”.

    A little adversity and said booster tucks tail and runs. I’m guessing the millions $$$ came from mommy and daddy or gramma and grandpa.

    Real boosters nut up and keep calm and carry on.

    Put your big boy pants on.


    1. I’m curious ’83, have you purchased your crumbling mausoleum $4k PSL (s) yet? Just wondering ’83 if you have your “Big Boy Pants” strapped on?


      1. That would be a resounding “yes”. Although, unsurprisingly, your numbers are way off.

        My big boy pants have never been off.

        Unlike you, pink hasn’t become a staple of my wardrobe.

        We all know that “ringing that bell” means hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. So ring it, ring it loud.


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