John Robinson Send Off

I hear some former USC players are planning to give former coach John Robinson a big sendoff before he departs for LSU.

Maybe USC should get involved since they insist Robinson “retired” from his job with the athletic dept.

5 thoughts on “John Robinson Send Off

  1. Okay, a little story about JR. He had a home in Fullerton CA during JRII years. I lived in Fullerton. There was an little strip mall on State College and Chapman…….donut shop…..tropical fish store…..Mongolian bbq eatery……liquor store…..and adult “toy” store. I had a big ole salt water aquarium and was into it. One day when I went to get fish stuff, there goes JR exiting the adult “toy” store with a big bag of toys. I was so disappointed. Then he dropped the bag and all sorts of baby blue bears spilled out!! Turns out he was screwin bruins on saturdays and every day! I’ll never forget that.


    1. Of course the greatest trOJan football is a phedophile pervert!! Baby blue bears??!! Fullerton PD needs to look for victims!

      Trojan83, I bet You never had a saltwater tank… You were getting your bottle of “mad dog 20/20” you alcoholic degenerate!



    1. That picture was from JR’s “Elvis” years. Huge wide open collars, jet black shoe polish hair, all one color unitard.

      But did he hafta go with the fire engine red color story? Ouch.

      Now you know why the “adult toy” store story is true. There was no bag spillage. He liked his toys.


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