USC Schedules UC Davis In Football (Really)

This is one of the biggest joke of the Lynn Swann-Clay Helton era.

USC has never played an FCS school but has now scheduled UC Davis for a game at the Coliseum in 2021.

Thank administrator Steve Lopes for this too. USC is one of only three schools to never play an FCS school with UCLA and Notre Dame. That tradition is kaput.

Lopes and Co. want to dumb down the schedule because they don’t think the Trojans can compete nationally without a cupcake FCS team. If USC can’t compete blame the administrators for hiring inept coaches.

27 thoughts on “USC Schedules UC Davis In Football (Really)

      1. Given the competition, Carol can suit up and play, gt.

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    1. That means that every national champ since ’87 has scheduled an FCS opponent- an unfair advantage -akin to a bye week- where backups get real live action and key starters get to heal up. Since players haven’t objected to this in terms of recruiting (See Bama and Clemson)I think that this is a win-win.


  1. When I heard about the possibility of scheduling an FCS opponent, I thought no way. Especially when it is our two rivals being the only other two teams to not have faced one of these lesser opponents. But now, we just keep doing things to lower our standards. Are you Kidding me! Everyone should let it be known that this is unacceptable. I hope nobody shows up to this joke of a game. What happened to our class!

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  2. Last year the UC Davis xfer to UCLA, J. Kelly, ran through/over the SUCCX diaphanous defense for a record 289 yds in the 34 – 27 UCLA victory.

    Ah, Ding goes the Vic Bell.

    So Felony U decides to start scheduling down to its level of FB competency – that FCS FB powerhouse, UC Davis in 2021!

    Felony U lives up to the FB program’s major pomposity: Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere!!!

    Felony U, so hard up for elite FB status, finally adopts the Andyain’twinning CUPCAKE/CREAM PUFF opponent scheduling technique – ’cause really cheap, easy wins are mo’ better than epic, humiliating losses.


  3. SCooter,

    I hope SC has to play on the road against Davis. They deserve to. Folt, fire these buffons. How can you allow a presitifous program play to the depths of ugly, bama, auburn, Tennessee, and the rest of the losers. I added ugly into this because they are a piece of trash. Always have and always will be.

    Is Lopes too lazy to find an opponent? I thought Fresno and BYU were a joke. Now I see it is only getting worse. Those 3 star linemen for SC will get their clocks handed to them. I’m done with this joke.

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      1. Just Rent,

        Just because I am done with SC doesn’t mean I am done with you. Everytime you turn you head, you are going to hear form me. In you sleep you will hear from me. You thought captilizim is you worst nightmare, no, you troll, I am your worst nightmare. You weak class clown act is old, stagnant, and sticks like the bottle of Night Train that you had 7 days ago. Everytime you say something, I will be there to check and chuck it back at you clown. See, I don’t have to cuss like a fifty cent whore. You will always take a beating when I am around, Clowning stupor troll.

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    1. I don’t get it. Why haven’t we set up home and away matches with the likes of Wisconsin, Michigan State, Iowa , Duke, Navy, TCU, Georgia, Baylor, Texas A&M and Georgia Tech like we used to under John McKay? How about at least Northwestern instead of UC Davis?

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  4. MG,
    Didn’t bama play citadel and appalachain St? I think Davis is tougher than those teams. Thank you, I appreciate your kind words my friend.

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    1. You are 100% correct, my friend. UC Davis is actually WAY better than the patsies on Alabama’s schedule…..

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  5. Gollllllllllly PT are you mad? Please pt, I know you’re touchy-feely kind of a weeny, but I’m not, so please don’t subject me to the pt Vulcan mind-meld.

    Ding goes the Vic Bell.

    pt, maybe bozo FB should schedule the kal86’s club rugby team or the Mater Dei freshman FB team.

    Felony U FB: 4 – 8 mushroom fertilizer.


  6. When I was at a UC Davis football game last year, it was really exciting and the school has a new football stadium. ticket prices were $14.00 for general admission and you could take your dog to the game if you sat in the grass slopes of the end zones. It was fun, the band was great, and they have a dog that runs onto the field to retrieve the T. That team is coached by Dan Hawkins who is a much better coach than Clay Helton. The Aggies almost made it to the championship game of Division 1A last year and were only 61 seconds away from making it into the Championship finals. If their running back had not transferred to UCLA ( the guy who gained almost 300 yards against USC last year) Davis probably would have won the Championship. They have beaten Stanford in the past and they play at Cal this year. So, watch that game to see if they continue their rise. I’ll be rooting for the Aggies in that game because USC has hit the skids in football and the program is a joke under Haden, Nikias, Lopes and Lynn Swann. By the way, the USC President, Carol Folt, is a graduate of UC Davis (’82) . Washington’s coach, Chris Petersen, was the quarterback for the Aggies when they won Division II football championships in the 1980s. Darrell Gross, the former USC Assistant Athletic Director under Mike Garrett, was Petersen’s wide receiver. Most likely, Clay Helton will not make four games this year before getting canned.


      1. Well, obviously ’86 you haven’t read the story. What a shock!

        86, please read the story all the way through. Be sure you have a dictionary handy so you can decipher those words that exceed your vocabulary.

        #Prortal on.


  7. “This is one of the biggest joke of the Lynn Swann-Clay Helton era.”

    Flow. Go back to school. Your are INEPT and a buffoon.


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