Is Scheduling UC Davis The USC Way?

A former USC All-American called me today, outraged over the decision to schedule UC Davis.

Lynn Swann doesn’t even want to learn how to be an athletic director,” said the player, who knows Swann. “He just wants to get paid.”

When Swann got hired, a USC official lectured me for criticizing the hire.

“This is the USC way. The real Trojans are happy,” the official said. “This is what they want. They like having a star player come back.”

If Swann is such a Trojan, why did he allow a long-standing tradition of never playing a Division I-AA or FCS team? A real Trojan would not have allowed that.

But Swann is a shell of a Trojan. A lifeless, tone-deaf elitist who collects million of dollars every year.

Someone needs to clean house.

Here are the latest additions to the football schedule:

Sept. 4, 2021
UC Davis
Sept. 2, 2023 
Sept. 7, 2024
San Jose State

14 thoughts on “Is Scheduling UC Davis The USC Way?

  1. Totally agree with you Scott!
    Swann’s never gor it right!
    Rumor has it his 4 million per year salary is paid by a booster!
    And that he’s never on the job,
    Spending most of his time playing Golf and signing autographs for $250.00
    That’s $250.00 too much!!
    Are you watching this fiasco President Folt?
    It’s time to fire these inept ywits!

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    1. Bullshit!

      And either way, Lopes and Swann are pieces of shit.

      And Lopes son was a shit player and yet he had that idiot Helton play him in games when that punk had no business putting on the Trojan uniform much less being on the field during a game.

      USC has become shit ever since Max Nikias was endorsed and recommended to the BoT by Pat Haden…a God Damn Clusterfuck with a capital “C”!


      1. Steve Lopes has been the point man and/or face of this issue previously.

        Lopes was also the one who gave the interview to the news site that the blogger referenced a few weeks ago about USC eventually scheduling an FCS team.

        And Lopes has been doing USC scheduling before for Heritage Hall so there is no way he would have been in the dark on this.

        His fingerprints are all over this decision.


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      2. #AScandalBigEnoughToShowSteveLopesTheDoor



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  2. LOL!

    Max Nikias continues his hatred for Trojan football, ordering the 67 year old Uncle Tom who still speaks with a lisp, Lynn Swann, to undermine what’s left of USC’s once proud football program.


  3. That greedy fuck piece of shit retard sounding Lynn Swann doesn’t give a shit about USC or Trojan foitball.

    That motherfucking son of a bitch sold USC out in every way possible. That Bitch Retard Sounding Lynn Swann purposely Fucked Trojan football when the dumbass gave the other worthless fucking piece of shit idiot Clay Helton a contract extension.

    Fucking Retard Lynn Swann, fucking 67 years old and still talks with a lisp…he’s a God Damn Fucking Embarrassment!


  4. This is unbelievable!! Complete jack ass!!

    On Fri, Jul 12, 2019, 2:34 PM InsideUSC with Scott Wolf wrote:

    > scott wolf posted: ” A former USC All-American called me today, outraged > over the decision to schedule UC Davis. “Lynn Swann doesn’t even want to > learn how to be an athletic director,” said the player, who knows Swann. > “He just wants to get paid.” When Swann got hired,” >

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  5. And UC Davis beating USC is not out of the realm of possibility, especially with that idiot Clay Helton coaching the team.

    Lynn Swann doesn’t give a shit about USC, it’s traditions, the Trojan football program or his pathetic reputation, all that motherfucker cares about are dollar signs. That piece of shit sellout is all about getting paid.

    Swann knows he’s getting over on the idiots at USC who are stupid enough to pay him millions of dollars a year and he doesn’t give two shits that he’s making USC and himself look bad…that’s how big of a piece of shit he is.

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  6. Nobody on the west coast can compete nationally. All of the best players on the west coast would have to concentrate on 1 or 2 schools in order to compete nationally. You have a dwindling pool of talent and a dilution of that limited talent because USC and UCLA aren’t the draws they used to be. You can scheme and gimmick all you want to, but I believe you gotta have the horses to match up and compete nationally. Unless USC can start hoarding west coast talent and/or return to recruiting nationally at a high level, it’s just going to be another west coast also-ran. A west coast also-ran will schedule UC Davis. I know you all think there is magic in the uniform, but there are actually people in there.


  7. There’s no reason that USC shouldn’t have a head coach with a proven track record of winning. Money shouldn’t be an issue as the football program has always more than paid for itself along with supporting many of the other Trojan sports programs.

    The decision by Max Nikias with the help of Pat Haden and now Lynn Swann to De-Emphasize Trojan football is still in effect and there’s no reason for it. The sanctions levied by the #CorruptNCAA were malicious and should have been overturned. Instead Nikias used the sanctions as an excuse to get people to believe USC would be better off not having Trojan football bringing so much attention on the university. Probably because Nikias had so many corrupt and unethical dealings going on, he was afraid if the media looked too closely at USC they would eventually uncover the clusterfuck he created.

    USC needs to sanction Max Nikias, Pat Haden, Lynn Swann, Steve Lopes, Clay Helton and ban their criminal and incompetent asses from campus…for life!

    And those assholes have the nerve to blame Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo for making USC look bad? Nikias covering up sexual assault, murder, drug abuse, Pat Haden’s embezzlement scheme, the admissions fiasco, $50 million dollar payout for theft and corruption, the list of scandals brought on the university by Nikias is endless and yet USC is still doing his bidding…WHAT IN THE FUCK!


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