Nice Timing On Bad News Announcement

If USC thought playing UC Davis was such a good idea, why did it wait until a Friday in mid-July to announce the news?

Buried in the statement about playing three cupcakes was this sentence: “USC also is in talks to add a neutral site non-conference game against a Power 5 opponent in 2024 and 2028, years that it currently has 6 home games scheduled.”

We will have to see if USC actually plays an SEC team. Hopefully it won’t matter to Clay Helton by then.

5 thoughts on “Nice Timing On Bad News Announcement

  1. Spot on Scott!
    I hope the Current USC President,Carol Folt, didn’t sign off on these cupcake opponents!
    But somebody had to make this stupid, embarrassing decision to play UC Davis!
    I would like to hear the presentation and listen to the critical comments of those involved!
    Hell, This school is famous for their Veterinary Program!!
    They must be celebrating tonight for their future payday!
    Another idiotic move by the Athletic Department.

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    1. Lopes telegraphed this announcement earlier this year when he socialized the bad news by claiming that for SC to compete with the big boys, they had to mimic the scheduling of the big boys. This is just a bs excuse. Pete Carroll never played lower division opponents and he dominated and competed for natties. Lopes (and Swann) were just too lazy to find a viable opponent and they couldn’t care less about traditions or the pulse of the Trojan family. I already stated earlier that I was not going to any games this year. And this just confirms that sentiment

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  2. At first I thought it was a mistake, I mean they’re the Aggies do it’s possible Helton thought they meant Texas A&M.
    But low and behold I think this is s move calculated to find a better UC team. UC Berkeley has been a joke for years and the PAC 12 would trade them for a mountain west team in a blink. The other UC team located in L.A. is up got grabs as a CIF school. So there is method to this madness.


    1. This RT quote “The other UC team located in L.A. is up got grabs as a CIF school,” is an unambiguous code implying RT is a bozo grad!


  3. LMFAO! @USC thinking Clay Helton (second rate crap coach that he is) will get the Trojans closer to playing in the CFP’s by scheduling so called easier opponents.

    Is there a limit to the amount of God Damn embarrassment USC is willing to bring upon itself just keeping Clay Helton around so that the university won’t be expected to spend some money and hire a competent and qualified head football coach?


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