USC Morning Buzz: No Good Arguments For Destroying Tradition

One argument I’ve seen for scheduling UC Davis is that it had a better Sagarin rating last season than UNLV, USC’s first opponent a year ago.

That misses the point. It is not about whether UC Davis is as good as a bad FBS team.

It’s about destroying a traditiion that sets USC apart from other schools.

The other argument is that SEC schools do it every year. But that is precisely why USC did not. It wasn’t interested in doing something SEC teams got criticized for.

And if your argument is USC needs an easy opponent like those SEC teams, apparently UC Davis was better than UNLV.

Also, let’s be honest. USC plays in the Pac-12. Does it really need another cupcake? At least the SEC teams play each other every week.

Finally, USC is ceding the high ground to Notre Dame and UCLA. Is that ever worth it?

Good luck selling tickets to that UC Davis game if Clay Helton is the coach.

28 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: No Good Arguments For Destroying Tradition

  1. Carol Fault is continuing the USC tradition of dragging their feet on major decisions regarding the athletic department, which indicates that Lynn Swann’s job is safe . Because he continues to make choices that would affect the future, which is something someone shouldn’t be allowed to do, if their job status is pending.

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    1. Bingo. Swann is safe. Hence, Clay Helton is safe. Helton will be the USC head coach against UC Davis. Count on it. Abandon all hope, Trojan Fans.

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      1. Another point of difference removed. Who will protect the program. Will the measurement of success become wins, regardless of quality of opponents?


  2. With Clay Helton as head coach USC can schedule 3 FCS opponents every year and he will still never get closer to making the CFP’s than his 2018 5-7 loser record.

    Sam Darnold is gone and USC doesn’t have a QB (other than maybe Jack Sears) that has the talent and ability to improvise out of the horrendously bad second rate coaching that Clay Helton hinders the team with.


    1. 1) You’re big 2019 wish will come true. With our 0-line and lack of an elite running back (and all the pressure this combination will put on the quarterback), J. T. won’t make it through the whole season.
      2) Enter Sears —-who couldn’t even win the game when Arizona State put everything they had into stopping the run and daring us to pass.

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      1. J.T. Daniels had 89 yards passing vs Utah…the same Utah that got spanked by Arizona St. 38-20.

        Lets not forget J.T. Daniels 177 yards passing vs Oregon St.

        And those remarkable stats are a product of J.T. Daniels getting all the first team reps in practice…spring and fall.

        Sears had less than a week to prepare for his start and the only time he was given first team reps.

        So GTFO making excuses for that over-hyped, weak ass arm, can’t scramble, can’t read defenses, couldn’t audible or improvise if his life depended on it…J.T. Daniels.


  3. The USC Song Girls should stay away from Trojan football games, eliminate altogether the only remaining reason for anyone to attend a Trojan football game.


  4. Spot on Scott!!
    The Current Athletic Department doesn’t get it!
    Swann’s out playing golf. Lawsuits, FBI investigations and they schedule UC Davis!
    Hell, CalTech has a football team, do a home and away in Pasadena!
    Total BS!
    Swann, Lopes and Helton really look lost!
    No surprise !

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  5. The point about “SEC schools do it” ignores legitimate arguments against the move.

    1. Scheduling a cupcake still doesn’t make up for the fact that Heritage Hall has put a subpar product of a football team on the field. Playing UC Davis doesn’t make the USC football program better. You become better by hiring respected coaches and practicing hard. (USC has done neither).

    2. SEC schools do it for the additional gate receipts which USC shouldn’t have to do. The latest USC financials showed that USC is not losing money so there should have been no impetus to go for a “money grab” with UC Davis. And believe me, a game against UC Davis is not going to push the coffers to overflowing.

    3. SEC schools schedule their cupcakes as a sort of bye week. USC shouldn’t have just made the week an actual bye week instead. This decision has brought nothing but derision when a bye week announcement would have kept negative stories at bay.



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    1. Alabama Crimson Tide wins National Titles and produces more players
      that make the Pros lately. Tradition is for the Jews which are my people.
      Who wants status quo with all the scandals surrounding USC these days.
      Got to laugh about the shitass ‘ruins who don’t play Notre Dame / Alabama ,but once a half century. Make it to the playoffs even before
      worrying about holding service with some old fashion ideas.

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  6. According to the sportswire in Scott’s old stomping ground USC couldn’t get anyone to play them on this open date. UC Davis is the big boy in their conference, and may actually be a better team than the other UC teams we play. We are playing a CSU team this year and the only difference between them and Davis is the League they are in. Maybe NOBS can pay UC Davis to move up a division.
    Historically USC has played some pretty low teams like Pomona college and the UC school in Los Angeles, so really this is another tempest in a teapot.

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      1. We tried to schedule Pitt and Virginia Tech —

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      2. No, marvienna. They specifically disallowed us from showing up at their stadiums……

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  7. I don’t know this USC anymore. The USC I knew values tradition. The choice was clear: if no FCS opponent is available on that open date, play 11 games that year.

    I sense a revolt in the offing. If that game holds on the schedule, it will be the least attended game in Trojan history.

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    1. “The least attended game in Trojan history”..?! Well, wiseguy, maybe you should hear Lynn Swann’s witty comeback to that remark:

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    2. “The USC I knew values tradition.”

      If that quote were true”Fat John” wouldn’t be headed to LSU.

      I’m sorry T-Nation, but the forever Toejam Family bit is total BS.


  8. Football is not the highest and best use of the Colly anyways.

    A series of MeToo Festivals with speakers from every walk of life except suspiciously successful middle aged Caucasian hetero males.

    There could be music (wouldn’t it be funny if U2 played at a MeToo!).

    Tattoos artists and hair painters and booths for civil rights attorneys!!

    Could have one every other weekend. Charge $50 a ticket.

    I’m calling Folt on Monday.

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    1. This is a very serious mistake, 83.

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