The Folly Of Watch Lists

USC tailback Vavae Malepeai made the Doak Walker watch list today.

Does he even start at USC? Or is it Stephen Carr? Or is it Markese Stepp?

Just like the QB job. Is it JT Daniels or Jack Seakrs?

More than ever at USC, it is difficult to find watch list candidates. Except on the offensive line, which has few candidates for anything.

16 thoughts on “The Folly Of Watch Lists

    1. Seakrs is the best kept secret of 2019. He’s 6 feet, 10 inches tall, weighs 260 pounds, runs the 40 in 4.2 seconds and can throw a football 150 miles an hour (but knows when to take some of the heat off —which is all the time)……

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    1. All true, Cloud. But here’s what Sears has going for him: (1) On a team with lots of WAY FASTER skill players he can run the ball HIMSELF —which is not what Harrell wants or needs. (2) He is the “other guy” —always a fan favorite after a bad season. [Sears was nothing more than okay in his start against a very well coached bunch of Pac 12 rejects who were playing to stop the run]…..


      1. That is if the play breaks down. The best passer will thrive in the Air Raid. JT will improve because overall the team is being coached up. I think Sears will get some playing time this year not because of JT’s play but because Harrells system will give you that flexibility.

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      2. Sears will definitely get his chances……


  1. These watch list are probably determined by the schools reputation, traditions, and players projected expectations. Because none of them make any sense, and are never based on college accomplishments, other then sporadic game stats


  2. I just found a 247 list of 5 star busts and quite a few of them were USC quarterbacks. I remember Max Browne because I saw him in an elite camp television special and he looked like the real deal, but he looked like a deer in the headlights during games. He lost the job to Cody Kessler twice and Dam Sarnold (sorry Scott’s keyboard is wonky) Then Arron Corp? Mitch Mustain?
    The article looks as if it was written to prove it’s okay to not use a quarterback who looked good in high school. I say this because each of these busts was replaced by someone who matured in college and moved on to the pros.


  3. USC putting up 35 pts. vs ASU should have been enough for a win.

    Helton and Pendergast shit the bed with their defensive schemes.


  4. J.T. Daniels putting up an astounding 3 pts. vs Stanford…LOL!

    Porn-stache had all the reps in practice and managed 3 whole pts. That’s fucking pathetic!


  5. Sounds like Max Nikias and Pat Haden borrowed the blueprint from UAB on how to De-Emphasize a football program.

    Does this sound familiar?

    Callaway left Georgia in January 2007 to take the UAB head coaching position. He had not been widely linked to any other head coaching jobs, and was considered a sleeper choice by UAB. UAB was rumored to have initially offered the job to Pat Sullivan (then UAB offensive coordinator) and later to Jimbo Fisher, leading many to speculate that the UABoard of Trustees vetoed the contract offers preventing UAB from hiring more sought after coaches and instead appointing Callaway as the new head coach as a ploy to keep the program in a lower status than Alabama’s own.[1]

    Callaway left UAB’s head coaching job on November 27, 2011, having compiled a record of 18 wins and 42 losses during his five years with the Blazers (18–42)


    What Pat Haden did was to try and convince Trojan alumn and fans that he was going to hire a top flight coach. Haden passed on Ed Orgeron and Chris Petersen, he knew either of those two coaches would have USC contending for a national title in a couple of years and that’s not what Max Nikias wanted. So Haden and Nikias went with the coach that they knew would keep the program mediocre and that was Clay Helton.

    And Helton brought in Neil Callaway to help put the Trojans football program into a lower status, which was what Haden and Nikias wanted all along.

    And had this video not surfaced last season showing just how clueless and incompetent Neil Callaway is as a coach, Helton would still have him coaching the Trojans offensive line.

    That video exposed the blatant incompetence that the Trojan players had been forced to deal with and a big reason why there has been no development of players under this clown Helton and the idiots he has hired as assistant coaches.

    And don’t mention the Rose Bowl win over Penn St. or the Trojans making it to the Cotton Bowl vs Ohio St. because during those two seasons it was the talent the Trojans had overcoming horrendous Clay Helton coaching.

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    1. Coach Helton: How are things coming, Neil?
      Callaway: You’re not my mother!
      Coach Helton: When’s the last time you talked to Toa?
      Callaway: A little more than a year ago, if memory serves.
      Coach Helton: That seems too long, Neil.
      Callaway: It wasn’t.
      Coach Helton: May I ask what you’re teaching these guys?
      Callaway: Offhand I would say that everything I have to say boils down to 2 rules —-which, as luck would have it, contradict each other.
      Coach Helton: May I hear them?
      Callaway. No.


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