USC Loses Incoming Recruit

When USC took a commitment from Tilni Livai, an offensive lineman from Narbonne, he was so unknown he was a zero-star prospect.

But Livai quickly became a three-star once he committed to USC and some of the recruiting sites went gaga over him.

But he has now moved to Hawaii because of academic issues and will not be part of the program.

26 thoughts on “USC Loses Incoming Recruit

  1. I just want to go on record [before Owns breaks the news] that I’m behind this defection…..

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      1. Great news, Owns! I’ll get in touch with Notre Dame officials ASAP….


  2. So basically Neil Callaway is a ringer when it comes to sabotaging a football program.

    Callaway left Georgia in January 2007 to take the UAB head coaching position. He had not been widely linked to any other head coaching jobs, and was considered a sleeper choice by UAB. UAB was rumored to have initially offered the job to Pat Sullivan (then UAB offensive coordinator) and later to Jimbo Fisher, leading many to speculate that the UABoard of Trustees vetoed the contract offers preventing UAB from hiring more sought after coaches and instead appointing Callaway as the new head coach as a ploy to keep the program in a lower status than Alabama’s own.[1]

    Callaway left UAB’s head coaching job on November 27, 2011, having compiled a record of 18 wins and 42 losses during his five years with the Blazers (18–42).

    No wonder Clay Helton hired Callaway…as if Helton needed the extra help ruining a football program.

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  3. Low hanging fruit again…


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    2. Only thing Tebow’s got is Helton’s retaining Callaway after Notre Dame & Cotton Bowl debacles—that’s why he always leads with it….

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    3. UCLA (0 – 12)………34

      Felony U (6 – 7) …..27

      Dear Pisley: Dingth goeth the Vic Bell.



  4. So we lost a kid to Hawaii ? Or he’s not going to play football? Sometimes I cannot get what’s going on here. I am looking at the chart posted by Pudly 76. There must be something in my eye. There doesn’t appear to be any other Los Angeles teams listed.

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    1. Gee Whiz ’67 what a gift for the obvious.

      “67, name one former Felony U QB (Just one 67) to start at QB for a SB team in the previous 52 Super Bowl games.

      Is it : A) 0; B) goose egg; C) 0 – 52; D) 00000000000forever



    2. Yes, it is obvious, owns. That is the point. 0-12 is very obvious.

      Look at the bright side, no where for ucla to go but up.


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