USC Night Notes: Star Back Trims List

I didn’t realize five-star tailback Bijan Robinson of Tucson eliminated USC last week. Robinson will choose between Ohio State and Texas. He will make his announcement August 2.

Last month, Robinson visited USC and got the MVP treatment, driven around in a golf cart by Clay Helton.

Even though Urban Meyer left Ohio State, the Buckeyes still have the nation’s No. 4 recruiting class.

  • Here is an interview I did with Seattle radio station KJR this week. One question was how USC would beat Washington this season? I said the same way as it did in 2016: With playmakers overcoming bad coaching.

10 thoughts on “USC Night Notes: Star Back Trims List

  1. “Last month, Robinson visited USC and got the MVP treatment, driven around in a golf cart by Clay Helton.”

    Obviously USC wasn’t too interested or confident they could get Robinson to commit…they had Bozo the fucking clown driving him around.

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    1. Tebow,

      Please don’t insult Bozo the Clown by associating it with the present SC coaching staff. Bozo was sharper. In all truth, the original Bozo the Clown went to USC. I forget his name. He did will in the tv world.

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  2. Exactly!
    I went to the 2016 Washington game in Seattle.
    It was a great trip!
    As Scott said, “USC won with talent despite their Coaches!”
    Not a chance in this year with a poorer recruiting class and suspect coaches.

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    1. What has Clay Helton done lately (without Sam Darnold)?

      Helton finished 5-7…(4-5) in conference last season.

      Pudly loves to ride Helton’s cock.

      Crotch Kick…Bitch!



      1. That’s because Pudly 76 is tone deaf when it comes to Clay Helton, if Helton ever acknowledged him in the streets, he’d probably get a boner . Ole Puds is definitely the biggest Ass Suck, wannabe, USC insider ever.


  4. Interesting list from Chris Low at ESPN. But how many of the 6 Helton wins was Sam Darnold a part of? And how many of the 7 losses were without Sam Darnold?

    The letter to be written should read:

    “Dear Sam,
    Thank you for getting me a contract extension and 2-3 years extra HC time at USC by consistently overcoming on the field my total lack of coaching talent.
    In gratitude,
    Clay Helton”

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    1. Dear Clay,
      I really didn’t have any choice —it was either (1) lose games in order to expose you or (2) win games and get big NFL contract…..
      In Disgust,
      # …P. S…..

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  5. When you hand a successful program off to a competent coach like Ohio State did , then he won’t lose momentum. But when you hand it off to a Stupid Ass , who doesn’t know what he’s doing, like Clay Helton, then he takes the program backwards, and runs it into the ground

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