USC Notes: Does Controversy Follow Urban Meyer?

USC released another workout video today. We get it. The players are working out. They are doing this at every other school across the country too.

When you have to say it every day, you are really trying to brain wash people. Or sensitive to past criticism (which USC would never admit, of course). Either way, it is overkill.

  • Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh always knows how to stir things up. Here is what he told the TK podcast about Urban Meyer:

“Urban Meyer’s had a winning record. Really phenomenal record everywhere he’s been. But also, controversy follows everywhere he’s been.”

Does this mean Harbaugh thinks USC is better off with Clay Helton?

16 thoughts on “USC Notes: Does Controversy Follow Urban Meyer?

  1. SC, just shut up and work out. Surprise us with exception speed, strength, coaching, and winning attitude. You are like a kid that is saying, look at me, look at me, when he is trying to hang with the big boys and he falls short in stature and respect.

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  2. This is an interesting statement that you made:
    When you have to say it every day, you are really trying to brain wash people. Or sensitive to past criticism. Either way, it is overkill.
    Kind of reminds me of the negative rhetoric you keep writing.
    The last thing Harbaugh wants is Meyer at SC, because we’d kick his ass at any bowl game we match up in.

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      1. Stop me when we find a UCLA coach on this list…..

        Hahahahaha, you’re not even low hanging fruit’ve already on the ground fermenting.

        ruin wannabe.

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  3. Maybe Harbaugh wants the Trojan head coaching job.

    For $3 Million Dollars a year, being the greedy fucking sellout piece of shit Yes Man that he is, Lisp Swann will continue to be Max Nikias’ bitch.

    Max Nikias not satisfied with having his bitch with the lisp extend the contract of the Errand Boy masquerading as a football coach in order to keep Trojan football from being competitive for years to come, he now has his bitch, Lisp Swann, putting a halt to Trojan Tradition directly related to the USC Athletic Dept.


  4. I went to USC from September 1974 to May 1978. Two Years of John McKay and two years of John Robinson. Two championships, 1975 and 1978. It took many years to achieve that again through Pete Carroll. I suggest changing both Swan and Helton. We will find another coach to bring us back. USC is a great school with a great athletic tradition.

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    1. Unlike a lot of people here I don’t think Helton is a terrible coach. I think he’s a good coach. Anyone who heard his speech to the team after the Utah loss (Sam’s first game as a starter) knows Helton has coaching chops. But to bring us back —all the way back —-we need a GREAT coach. An Urban Meyer type who commands respect and can assemble a first class staff….

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      1. A speech makes Helton a good coach?

        Clay Helton is a shit coach! Since Helton was named head coach there isn’t one game the Trojans have won that can be directly attributed to his coaching decisions…not one!

        Helton has shown no ability to make adjustments. Player development under Helton, non-existent. Look at Neil Callaway, Helton gave him a job because he is a family friend and because no other program would hire him. Helton had to have known Callaway wasn’t doing the offensive linemen any good and yet he kept him on staff.

        Clay Helton is not a good coach, he’s a second rate coach, if that.

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  5. helton is great at…well maybe ok at …clichés and cutesy stuff like ‘no pads Nov’, and ‘fresh legs’, and skipping practices,especially for Bowl Games…players running around in shorts…all the things successful programs do…that’s why they crush their opponents…right? Like he did to Meyers team at the Cotton Bowl…or Bama…even ucla last yr…whatta’ coach he is.

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