If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

We get letters . . .

Here is what USC sent us about its plans to honor past teams (1969, 1994, 2009) on August 17:

“USC will host those 3 teams with a pre-scrimmage BBQ (complimentary for the ex-player and a guest) in a special setup just outside the Peristyle end of the Coliseum. The 3 teams will be brought down to the field and introduced individually to the fans prior to the scrimmage’s start, and we have created a special video tribute honoring each team that will be shown on the Coliseum video boards.”

However, two starting linebackers from the 1969 team, Bob Jensen and Greg Slough, are not expected to attend and other players will probably skip it because they don’t think a scrimmage is an appropriate venue.

“The Athletic Department is doing a minimal ceremony for us as a sideshow,” Jensen said. “My teammates do not want to be honored at a scrimmage.”

They also view it as a slap in the face that USC suddenly wants to include the 2009 team when it only gave the 25th and 50th anniversary teams recognition in the past.

“The Athletic Department was shamed into adding the past 25 and 50 year teams to their Fall event,” Jensen said. “Now they even watered down the event by adding the 2009 team.”

  • On Saturday night, a group of former USC players will send off former coach John Robinson “the Trojan Family Way” before he goes to LSU.
  • A friend at ESPN tells me it will run a story soon on USC QB Jack Sears working out this summer at Wild Card Boxing in Hollywood. The gym is owned by famed trainer Freddie Roach.
  • You could compile a pretty interesting list of guys who wanted to play quarterback at USC but never really did and went elsewhere or switched positions.
  • Mike Holmgren threw 27 passes in two seasons (1967-68) but was behind starter Steve Sogge and then Jimmy Jones.
  • Jim Fassel went to USC in 1969 and could not get on the field and transferred to Long Beach State.
  • Hal Bedsole, who was 6-5, was told by John McKay he was too tall to play QB in the early 1960’s. McKay made him play wide receiver and Bedsole became a College Football Hall of Fame receiver. But when the McKay Center opened, Bedsole walked by the statue of McKay and kicked it, still upset about not getting to play QB.
  • Dennis Shaw never earned a letter at USC and transferred to San Diego State, where he passed for 3,100 yards, 39 touchdowns and 26 interceptions in 1969. Shaw was a second-round draft choice and spent eight years in the NFL.

13 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. I like how you fail to mention Robinson’s wife is from Louisiana and he is basically retiring and they are moving there so she can be back home.

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  2. How big and fragile an ego does one have to own to demand that a bigger deal be made of their college football years? To not go to an event because it simply doesn’t “honor me enough”.

    I’m sure I’m in the minority on this, but I don’t get that mentality at all.

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      1. A 50 yr reunion at your alma mater & you plan on skipping it because you don’t think it’s good enough? Wow.
        Years ago, I ended up with 8 semi’s of items from MCAS Twenty Nine Palms supply depot. About 35,000 items. In this mess when I first acquired it was a soldiers tin can of Super Bowl memorabilia. Probably was in there by mistake. So as I’m going through it, there was some interesting stuff. Cancelled checks signed by Art Rooney made out to Loren Toews for his 1975 Super Bowl bonus-$15,000. I went to high school & CAL with Toews. He was Northern Cal player of the year in 69 & a late round 73 draft choice of the Steelers. Made the Steelers all 20th Century Defensive Team. Toews used to come back in the winter to play for the All Blues to stay in shape Jan-March.
        So I figured that Toews would want to have this & I was just going to send it too him. I called him in San Jose & he answers his own phone. As we were chatting, he tells me that once in awhile he gets a card in the mail to be autographed. He told me THAT HE CONSIDERS IT AN HONOR THAT SOMEBODY EVEN REMEMBERS HIM! Very humble guy for having a net worth between $50-100 million. He said just keep my stuff & enjoy it.
        Maybe Jenson, who seems like a nice guy, should just go to the BBQ & be greatful that anybody cares about a team 50 years ago. Most of the fans who watched him play are long gone. Nobody in this current generation knows who he is. Maybe give a two min speech thanking the fans for coming out. It would be better to be there than not.

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  3. The event seemed to have been put together with about 5 weeks of notice. How can they possibly get a good turnout? Usually these types of events are planned many months in advance.

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    1. Once upon a time USC used to be about tradition. The hired help mercenary educrats who now are running SC into the ground are apparently are too distracted by the weekly onslaught of scandals to attend to such matters as honoring the 1969 Wild Bunch team, one of the most beloved and colorful teams in the history of college football.

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  4. Pete Carroll, and Steve Sarkisian use to shame players who wanted to transfer, by saying they were scared to compete. All players should be allowed to transfer if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for them. The coaches are the ones who are gutless, and hypocritical for not looking at the big picture, because if they really cared about a player, then they would give their blessings for a transfer.

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    1. Pete Carroll and Steve Sarkisian did not say that players who wanted to transfer were scared to compete….

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  5. Losing John Robinson to LSU is a bigger loss than losing 4and5 star players. He is legend and he’s going to a mosquito infested swamp in exile to live out the rest of his days? Swat me with a media guide.
    As for the scrimmage I don’t blame the players who have watched tradition being trashed right before their eyes. Swann has been messing with things that don’t need repair.
    I remember when my 6th grade class was told we would watch a video of our future Jr. high school instead of taking a bus to see it. Then our Jr. high graduation was moved from the high school gym to the field inside the track, which was a mosquito infested swamp. And finally my high school graduation from the college gymnasium to the district football field which was a mosquito infested swamp. All of those traditions were trashed to save money. Those of us with older siblings who had gone before us felt cheated sitting in the hot sun with our paper gowns and plastic diploma cases. We didn’t matter to the penny pinchers at the district office.
    That is the only way I can describe how the former players feel. It is not my mom’s USC that’s for sure.

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