USC Men’s Tennis Coach Peter Smith Resigns

USC men’s tennis coach Peter Smith, who won five NCAA titles, has resigned.

USC says Smith wants to pursue other opportunities outside of college coaching.

I’ve already heard from other sources Smith was forced out. Nothing surprises me during the Lynn Swann administration.

Is it a coincidence that USC is losing established, successful coaches like Smith and beach volleyball coach Anna Collier?

The problem now is Swann’s track record for replacing coaches with cheap hires.

His women’s tennis coach was an easy-to-afford Division III coach. His big women’s volleyball hire came from the University of Portland.

He brought Mark Trakh back for a second term with women’s basketball at a cut-rate salary. He simply promoted an assistant to replace successful women’s golf coach Andrea Gaston. We have yet to hear who the permanent replacements will be for water polo coach Jovan Vavic but he will probably just promote the assistant coaches who replaced him.

6 thoughts on “USC Men’s Tennis Coach Peter Smith Resigns

  1. I don’t really know what Swann will do – look I’m no fan of Swann but the school is not in the best shape financially due to the lawsuits and scandals (attorney fees) add to that Swann is not and never will take a risk – 2019

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      1. You mean ‘Legoland’? Ever seen what a generic ‘Stepford Wives’ layout that ‘erector set’ campus looks like? I think the reds took part of ‘Leland’s’ insight when they created GOSPLAN.

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  2. Who knows how deep the coaching bribery scam really runs. There may be more coaches and athletic staff tangled up in than most think.

    Decisions might be driven by the elephant that still has his big ass parked In Swany’s living room.

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  3. I have know Peter Smith since 2008. He is an outstanding person with impeccable character and possible the best coach in NCAA tennis history. He is a true friend and I am devastated by this news.


    1. I have known Peter for a longtime and he is a good friend. USC was his dream job. He would never volunteer to leave. What a tragedy for Peter, his 3 sons, and his overall family. Where does he go from here? He will have a very difficult time now adjusting. Dale Jensen


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