What Is Real Reason USC Is Altering Schedule?

People who support USC playing an FCS school is necessary because the schedule needs to become easier. But USC officials have pointed out to me that UC Davis is better than a lot of FBS teams.

So which is it? Is USC destroying a tradition to make the schedule or because UC Davis is supposedly better than UNLV? Those reasons contradict each other.

9 thoughts on “What Is Real Reason USC Is Altering Schedule?

  1. If options A and B are UC Davis, or a weak FBS school, then option C is schedule a stronger opponent.

    Half of the Pac-12 is now medicore to extremely bad. Why schedule more weak teams?

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      1. What improved coaches? The only thing that has changed in the last decade has been the merry go round of coaches at USC. The Eleven Dwarfs have filled the void after the Trojan Dynasty collapsed under the incompetent rule of Lame Kiffin, the Drunken Sark and Hugs.

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  2. USC’s Athletic Department can’t have it both ways. So now only UCLA and Notre Dame have never played a FBS school!
    You should never let these be better than SC,
    The Athletic Department continues to display their lack of upholding USC’s Traditions and are only interested in squeezing as much
    Money out of Alumni and Fans!
    Lagging ticket sales show they are delivering a sub standard Football product
    That can’t complete anymore with the Elite Teams.. USC On any teams schedule is, as ESPN stated, a non event!!
    How Embarrassing!
    Swann, Helton and Staff will be fired after this year’s losing season!!
    Then SC can move on to be great again!!

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  3. There is no tradition at USC with Helton as the “coach”

    That is why my family, as well as many others, will not be attending the games this year…or anytime as long as Helton is the coach.


  4. Clay Helton sucks as a coach and the numbskulls as USC know he’s going to be outcoached every game, so they feel they need to schedule teams with lesser talent in order for the Trojans to be able to compete.

    The thing is that UC Davis is no pushover, the Aggies have a good head coach, they play disciplined.

    Helton will be outmatched again when it comes to executing and making adjustments of the X’s and O’s and the Trojans will probably lose.



  5. Helton can’t win at the FBS level.

    So they have to schedule an easy game for him.

    But Helton will probably make it closer than it needs to be or get blown out outright.



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