USC Sunday Buzz: Lynn Swann Criticized (Again)

Former USC linebacker Riki (Gray) Ellison has criticized Lynn Swann on Facebook in support of the 1969 team not being honored properly.

11 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Lynn Swann Criticized (Again)

  1. If the administration were going to make a move on Lynn Swann, it would’ve been done by now. So get ready for a few more years of mediocrity, and low standards for the athletic department. And if Clay Helton happens to get fired, then expect Swann to roll the dice on a successor, as oppose to a sure thing. Because he has the arrogant USC attitude of, anybody can coach Trojan Football.

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  2. Riki Ellison is a True Trojan.

    Lynn Swann is a greedy, pansy ass, Yes Man, figurehead who’s only concerned about himself and getting paid.

    Swann being a former Trojan player, selling out the Trojan football program, Tradition, fellow Trojans past and present, along with the other Trojan sports the way he has for a $3 million dollar a year pay check and the sake of disgraced scandalous filth C.L. Max Nikias and his hatred of USC athletics…is inexcusable!

    I hate that worthless greedy fucking asshole Lynn “Lisp” Swann wirh a passion!

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  3. I thought going in that Lynn Swann had something to offer to USC, but I was wrong. It is easy to say that the scarecrow has more common sense than this clown.
    A while back I likened his tenure as Athletic Director to a fox in the henhouse, but that’s an insult to foxes everywhere. Lynn Swann could not pour piss outa a boot if the directions were printed on the heel.
    What qualifies him to be the athletic director? Is there a master’s degree in administrative direction in his portfolio? Just being an okay pass catcher is not a qualifying contribution.
    USC needs to conduct a quality search for quality leadership, not look at their old roster for a gridiron hero.
    I am glad Lynn has some knowledge of football, make him head gladhander and schmoozer, but get someone in there who knows quality control and budgeting before the whole department slips into the abyss of nothingness.

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  4. Great Words fellow Trojans!!
    Our 1969 Team will not attend this
    In their Promotional post,
    The Athletic Department has allocated a grand total of 5 minutes for three past teams!
    Lopes and his money hungry dimwits obviously tells Swann what to do!
    They could care less about Trojan Football only Money.. You can buy your way onto the Field, even the locker room! That’s if you have enough money!!
    Obviously, Lopes and the Athletic Department must be getting a bonus for their
    Soliciting donors!
    Sacred Honor of Trojan Football n flushed down the toilet !

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