Who Showed Up To See John Robinson?

Who showed up last night at John Robinson‘s send off to LSU?

Anthony Munoz, Ronnie Lott, Brad Budde, Lynn Cain, Hoby Brenner, Mike Salmon, Fred Cornwell, Brad Leggett, Paul McDonald, Shane Foley, Norberto Garrido, Jeremy Hogue and Mike Salmon were among the players.

Former UCLA coach Terry Donahue, former Cal, Illinois and Raiders coach Mike White, former USC offensive line coach Hudson Houck, former USC offensive coordinator Norv Turner and former USC assistant Mike Giddings were also there.

Munoz, Cain, McDonald, Hogue and Donahue all spoke.

16 thoughts on “Who Showed Up To See John Robinson?

  1. John didn’t deserve the kiss off —but he sure deserved that great collection of star Trojans (and star Cal & Bruins coaches) to bid him adieu.
    Goodbye, John.

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    1. Terry Donahue showed more class than Pat Haden and Lynn Swann. John had some of the greatest SC teams ever in 1976, 1978 and 1979 and there were some incredibly entertaining games between the two rivals, including the 1977 Frank Jordan field goal with no time left, the George Achica blocked field goal in 1981, the 2 point conversion attempt with no time left in 1982 and the 3rd and goal at the 3 in 1993.

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      1. Donahue lost some heart breakers (John did, too) —-but throughout their careers, win or lose, they were class acts. No deflated footballs, switched jerseys or drunken tirades. Wow —-have things changed.

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    1. Alv, I’ve heard it said you can’t wash your clothes in other people’s dirty laundry ….but I say thank God for UCLA!

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      1. Hey MG, Dr. Geo. Tyndall wants you to be his lead Attorney. Tyndall figures his defense will necessitate much lying so he thinks you’re just Attorney for the job.

        #Michael “Stonewall” Guarino SUCCX needs you. Should you win, maybe St. Pat will come calling.

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      2. Darn you, Owns. The way you worded this contract, I can’t say yes without being reported to the Bar.

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  2. Read the connection to that just retired gymnastics coach Valerie Kondos Field and the niece of the roommate of hers.

    Fields is getting ready to ‘teach’ a class in what a saint Wooden was for the ‘selected few’. Swear Worship of Wooden is the weirdest ‘cult’ crazy LA has ever given birth to – not the most dangerous no (Synanon, Scientology, EST) but just plain strange. Like all cults, never are any serious ‘questions’ permitted as to the ‘divine powers’ of the ‘leader’.

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  3. Mike Salmon and his brother Mike were in attendance at the send off. I really would like to hold a similar send off on the tarmac at Burbank Airport for Lynn and Clay. I’d bet more people would attend that event than the 100° midday scrimmage.

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  4. When it happens, the sendoff won’t be at Burbank Airport…..

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  5. Yesterday – 20th July

    The Iovine and Young Hall is completed (Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine) – NE corner of Watt Way and Exposition Blvd.. There is a new ‘pedestrian gate’ between the ‘Kaufmann Intl’ Dance center and the east end of the Dental School. The crossing connects to the new University Village. I’d guess the north side of Jefferson where the walkway enters the Village is right where the LAFD station used to be. Re-tiling of the rooves continues on both Mudd and Zumberge Halls.

    The University Village multi-storied structures upper floors are all dorms with nearly all having retail stores on their bases.

    A large number of prospective Chinese students in groups of 20+ were being guided by docents throughout the campus – saw 4 separate groups.

    It would appear the ‘open space’ is dwindling very very quickly.


    1. Owns — I’ve got an idea! Let’s me and you do our own List —“The 100 Greatest [And 100 Worst] Paintings in Western History….in Ascending [and Descending] Order.” We’ll use the same criterion as the geniuses who compiled the 100 Most Beautiful College List —“talk to friends and make final decision based on general beautifulness [or ugliness].”

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