Strange Timing With Tennis

USC men’s tennis coach Peter Smith resigned Friday. But his son, Colter, just graduated from high school and is supposed to play for the Trojans next season. He is ranked one of the top 100 players in the nation.

Another son, Riley, is going to be a senior at USC and plays on the tennis team.

Seems like an odd time for Smith to “resign.”

10 thoughts on “Strange Timing With Tennis

  1. So if memory serves Smith was the guy who reported Matt Boremeester. I guess I should add falsely accused Matt. There was some speculation that Smith’s son had a crush of the girlfriend in question.
    So maybe the case is focusing on Smith’s involvement in this whole sorted affair.

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    1. Hmmm. Interesting.

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  2. That whole affair was the catalyst for many strange goings on at USC. Both Matt and Zoe have publicly and privately professed Matt’s innocence.
    It’s as if the queen of hearts from Alice and Wonderland we’re running the show yelling, “off with his head.”
    They characterized Matt as some steroid fueled madman that needed to be dealt with swiftly and in such a was as to bring attention to the evils of football.
    Reality is not the matter in this case because kangaroos lined up to run this court. They even went so far as to bar him from contact with his girlfriend.
    Sounds more like Russia than USC. Still everyone in the expulsion of this student athlete knew better than the “victim” and went out of their way to prove it.
    The coach who kicked this thing into gear resigned a few days ago. He didn’t see the altercation or even hear from the students involved he just made up the facts to fit his own agenda and ran with it.


    1. The girlfriend initially said that Boermeester had assaulted her. That was the statement she gave to Title IX investigators. It wasn’t until after her and Boermeester found out he would face expulsion that she changed her story and said he never assaulted her.

      This is what the judge said during Boermeester’s petition…

      Hogue in her tentative ruling cited initial statements Katz made to Title IX officials during a months-long investigation.

      In USC’s response to Boermeester’s petition, filed last August, it asserted that Katz described abuse as part of an ” ‘on and off’ again relationship” with Boermeester, in addition to confirming an alleged altercation outside her off-campus residence in late January 2017 that set off the investigation. Boermeester was suspended from school soon after it was reported to the Title IX Office.

      After his expulsion, Katz said in a statement released to several media outlets that she had not been “abused, assaulted or otherwise mistreated by Matt.”

      Hogue said she gave “greater weight to the first statement.”

      “The university had no obligation to disregard the initial statement and accept what she said months later,” Hogue added when issuing her tentative ruling.


      1. The problem here was that she also said she was badgered into making that statement. Jurisdiction is also important if she were truly harmed by the flying French fries she could have gone to the police. Not that anything other than ridding themselves of an evil kicker was on the agenda.


      2. There was a student who corroborated the girlfriends initial statement that Boermeester assaulted her. The student witnessed the incident from the window of his residence and it was that witness that reported what he saw to the tennis coach and that coach under Title IX is required to report the incident.

        So lets stop leaving out the fucking facts as initially reported just because Boermeester is a football player and he had the game winning FG in the Rose Bowl.

        The girlfriend initially said Boermeester assaulted her, it hadn’t been the first time and she can’t walk that back no matter how much she tries. And of course she’s going to claim she was badgered into making a false statement, but when it takes her a month after her initial statement to make that claim, it’s clear to the judge and anyone else with common sense that she’s full of shit.


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