Clay Helton Speaks!

Clay Helton said cornerback Trey Davis entered the NCAA transfer portal because of a family matter. He said cornerback Jaylen Watson and offensive lineman Tilini Livai did not qualifiy academically.

Helton said Bru McCoy and Chris Steele are going through the NCAA waiver process and he thinks a decision will be made before the first game.

Helton on last season: “When you have a 5-7 year, you own it, and take it on yourself. It was important to understand how we got beat, especially those last three games. It was nothing the opponent did. We beat ourselves. That’s on me.”

Wide receiver Michael Pittman said he does not believe Helton can get fired this season.

“We’re not really concerned about that because we don’t think it’s going to happen,” Pittman said.

6 thoughts on “Clay Helton Speaks!

  1. Helton can’t get fired.
    [Legal scholars have theorized that if Helton killed someone with an ax Swann would have a decision to make about whether or not he was bound to honor Helton’s extension]……

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  2. Michael Pittman might be right, because the standards have been set so low for USC football, that an idiot coach can get a four year contract extension. Then turnaround, and reward the administration with a 5-7 record .

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    1. Like I said before, 7 wins for the Trojans in 2019 and the likes of MG, trojan67, brumby and Pudly will be slobbering all over Helton’s dick…saying Helton deserves “one more year”.

      Their old mantra they used to spew on Wolf’s previous blog.


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