Pac-12 Media Day Continues

Don’t expect Clay Helton to say anything perceptive during Pac-12 media day.

He is expected to do only a five-minute interview with reporters after he steps off the podium in Hollywood.

I suppose we should be happy he is speaking on a Wednesday.

Here’s a gem on last year’s Utah game.

“When you go to Rice Eccles it is electricm” he said. “The fan base is incredible.”


  • Mark Sanchez, who was recently hired by ESPN, is at Pac-12 media day.

10 thoughts on “Pac-12 Media Day Continues

  1. I’ll just leave this here.

    And Utah is picked to finish ahead of the Trojans? That’s fucking laughable!

    Clay Helton is absolute garbage just wasting talent!

    Utah Recruiting Ranking

    2018 – #37
    2017 – #25
    2016 – #33
    2015 – #50
    2014 – #66

    Trojans Recruit Ranking –

    2018 – #3
    2017 – #6
    2016 – #10
    2015 – #1
    2014 – #10

    USC hands Helton Top 10 recruiting classes one after another and Helton produces a 5-7 (4-5 Conf.) record.


    1. Clay Helton doesn’t help himself with his soft style of play, even with all of the best recruits.

      When Utah beat USC last year, the toughness and oline play of Willingham’s team helped as much as Helton’s incompetent game day coaching and preparation.


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  2. On a somewhat unrelated subject —-I hope Former FBI Director, Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is placed on Suicide Watch.

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      1. At least the little people of Oz were considerate enough to gift THEIR “wizard” with that nifty emerald green shower curtain to hide behind….


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