Pac-12 Makes Officiating Changes

The Pac-12 unveiled its officiating changes this morning. The biggest change is supervisor of officials David Coleman will no longer report to general counsel Woodie Dixon and report directly to Larry Scott.

Dixon was known for meddling with the officials, most famously during the USC-Washington State game last season.

The changes are outlined below:

Also, the conference announced the PAC-12 title game would be in Las Vegas in 2020 and 2021.

23 thoughts on “Pac-12 Makes Officiating Changes

  1. I’m disappointed that the most necessary of improvements were not implemented…

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      1. Re officials seeing themselves as “leveling devices” —So true. I think Wayne noted that it’s tiresome watching Pac 12 refs lend a helping hand to teams down by more than 2 scores. I mean, wtf?

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      2. Yes, like watching officiating in the professional sports all-star games…

        As some of the other comments have noted (in their own way), USC, when right, can shrug that off (pretty much the entire Pete era)…

        But regardless, national commentators have made the point (and Dan Weber has repeatedly observed) that it’s so obvious that the PAC officials for years have been doing that to USC (as much as we all – that’s all of us! – are repulsed by the Haden AD period, and it was embarrassing that he had to/felt the need to run down to the sideline at Stanford…enough said)

        Dan has sagely made the point that if you watch other conferences, particularly the SEC (forever), and now the Big 10 (which eventually realized that part of the formula for ending that long punching bag period they endured), they do exactly the opposite – if you have a cash cow hegemon, you better respect it…another example is Kansas in Big 12 basketball…doesn’t matter if you’re Keven Durant at Texas, or Blake Griffin at Oklahoma…if you’re playing Kansas, you ain’t getting any calls…

        Of course, first things first…fix the (ridiculous amount of) internal fails that you can control…then we can worry about the officiating…

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      3. P. S.
        My guess is “Glasses Guy” is still reffing in Pac 12 —- having undergone top notch facial reconstruction and legal name change.

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    1. “I’m disappointed that the most necessary of improvements were not implemented…


      This suck ass MG and his Sunshine Pumping cronies will look for and make every excuse for Clay Helton and how it’s not Errand Boys own fault why he sucks as a coach…and a second rate one at that.


  2. Smart move moving the game to that new ‘state-of-the-art’ stadium in Las Vegas. easy in and out for all schools and a great ‘TV’ time slot that will be watched, with interest, nationally. Levi Stadium in San Jose was/is a disaster.

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    1. Watched with interest nationally ? Why would anyone watch with interest when the teams playing won’t be in the final four playoffs ?


      1. Mainly because it is going to be a beautiful stadium and, as it isn’t the ‘hoi polloi’ that follow the Raiders but rather a college crowd, a magnet for celebrities to be ‘seen’.


    1. and interrupt his chugging up and down the sideline like the Little Train That Couldn’t when he realizes that another inexplicable fail is in progress?

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      1. Of all the things that drive me crazy about Helton, the one that is most annoying is his near hysterical pacing the sidelines like a CYO coach in the final minutes of a debacle.
        [I do, however, hold out hope that we’re not gonna see as much of that this year]….

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  3. What truly sucks is that the head official will report to that no good bum jerk wine guzzling pencil neck geek yoga pants commissioner. This is like reporting to Ceaser. Now this douche bag can come along and raise his arms and the either point up or down and the crowd will adore him. That piece of junk does not need any more power. There should be someone in between.

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  4. JULY 24, 2019 AT 7:00 PM

    And Utah is picked to finish ahead of the Trojans? That’s fucking laughable!

    Clay Helton is absolute garbage just wasting talent!

    Utah Recruiting Ranking

    2018 – #37
    2017 – #25
    2016 – #33
    2015 – #50
    2014 – #66

    Trojans Recruit Ranking –

    2018 – #3
    2017 – #6
    2016 – #10
    2015 – #1
    2014 – #10

    USC hands Helton Top 10 recruiting classes one after another and Helton produces a 5-7 (4-5 Conf.) record.

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    1. I hope you realize, that Scott Wolf bloggers will hate you, and call you names for speaking the truth about USC, and their imbecile of a head coach. The Trojan Rah Rah’s love to pretend this time of year, because they can’t face reality 😂😂😂


  5. Who cares about the officiating in the’s still a weak, non-physical, 7on7 conference, that nobody east of the Rockies cares about. Texas, and their coach, Mark Herman, who started a year after Clay Helton, has quite naturally surpassed USC in growth, and will dominate the west coast for years to come.


  6. Isn’t anyone annoyed by a tennis player assuming he is God of officiating football? The biggest change would be to get officials who know football and don’t over penalize either team.

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