Where Did Clay Helton Rank USC In Top 25 Poll?

For the first time since 2001, USC was not in the preseason coaches’ top 25 poll. USC finished 34th in the others’ receiving votes category:

Nebraska 152; Boise State 118; Mississippi State 111; Miami 94; Army 91; Kentucky 79; Virginia Tech 64; Texas Christian 63; USC 47; Utah State 32; Fresno State 32; Virginia 30; Cincinnati 25; West Virginia 24; Memphis 24; Oklahoma State 20; South Carolina 15; NC State 12; Duke 10; Boston College 5; Florida State 4; Baylor 4; Appalachian State 4; North Texas 3; Houston 3; UCLA 2; Temple 2; Arizona State 2; Troy 1; Tennessee 1; Mississippi 1; Minnesota 1.

Clay Helton is a voter but don’t ever expect him to divulge if he ranked the Trojans. I’m sure he did because they are “fine, young men.”

The coaches’ poll only releases the final ballot of the season, unfortunately for the interests of transparency.

11 thoughts on “Where Did Clay Helton Rank USC In Top 25 Poll?

  1. Serves the school right for keeping this buffoon as coach. But, let’s share the appropriate blame where it also belongs: Clueless Clay Helton, Athletic Dept. Steve Lopes, Athletic Director, Lynn Swann, Pat Haden, J.K. McKay, Jr., C.L. Max Nikias, and past interiors, President, Wanda Austin.

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  2. What matters —and what Scott seems to have missed (or, worse ignored)— is the fact that USC is a VERY strong 34th —well ahead of the 35th team. This will matter when it comes time to selecting the playoff teams.

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  3. After Fresno State whips USC’s ass, then we should have a good idea of where they should be ranked 😂😂😂 Let the excuse begin !!!!!!


    1. So USC should move way up if they beat Fresno State….?


      1. MG, you know who’s really pissed — Vegas.

        It’s a well-known fact that Vegas collects more loser, bozo u, Fat Cat FB money than any other US University FB fan base.

        This is especially true when the bozos are ranked in the preseason polls # 15 or higher and wind up 5 – 7!

        Dinga goes the Vic Bell.

        #will you be attending the Villanova vs bozo u exhibition BB game?


  4. It’s like the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. It wasn’t the raids of the Barbarians but internal issues and weak leaders that led to their demise. Same with USC. It wasn’t sanctions per se but internal leaders who hired on the basis of nepotism and cronyism instead of competitively that led to the squandering of the legacy and social capital of the SC football program.

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  5. After years of candyass practices SC fell last yr , we all saw it coming. If the fall practices return to the kind of previous decades,it will turn around. The toughness can be brought back. Full speed,full contact…not the shorts and fresh legs BS…it all hinges on REAL football practices and coaching…shorts and shell BS aka helton ball? losing season…AGAIN


  6. And yet Clay Helton has a $15 million buy out. That certainly will keep Scottsdale Community College from calling him to be their assistant QB coach. Good work Swann! You locked your man down. Sleep well, Trojan Nation!


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