If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

First off, here is my Pac-12 Preview for the Sporting News, where you can see where I predict USC will finish and who will win the Pac-12. I also pick a sleeper team for the Pac-12 South and it is not USC.

Looking at the schedules, USC playing Stanford in Week 2 might not be an advantage because the Cardinal have a tough opening six weeks: Northwestern, USC, UCF, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington. Stanford might be easier to beat after that stretch.

  • USC begins training camp today. I’m sure there will be stories that camp is more energetic, the team looks bigger and is more unified than ever before. It’s a yearly staple of USC coverage.
  • I have a friend who went to USC and wants to go to the Aug. 17 scrimmage at the Coliseum. But so far he cannot find anyone who wants to go with him. It will be interesting to see the size of that crowd.
  • Here is the ESPN story I previously mentioned was coming out on USC quarterback Jack Sears working out at Wild Card Boxing, which is owned by trainer Freddie Roach and the home of eight-time world champion Manny Pacquiao.
  • USC’s role in the College Admissions scandal keeps staying in the news. Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, speaking in Beverly Hills this week, said  “exhibits from the world of fantasy” could be seen at the Smithsonian and Natural History museums.

“The ruby-red slippers worn by Judy Garland, the claws worn by Hugh Jackman in X-Men and the rowing boat sat in by Lori Loughlin’s daughter.”

Loughlin’s daughters were supposed to be on the USC crew team.

  • Former USC linebacker Clay Matthews Sr. will be inducted into the Cleveland Browns Ring of Honor during Week 3 of the NFL season. The Browns will host the Rams, where Matthews’ son, Clay Jr., is now a member. Clay Matthews Sr. played 16 of his 19 seasons in the NFL with the Browns.
  • And finally . . . here is Lynn Swann last night with Bruce Matthews at the NFL Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, Ohio.

Here is a nice backstory: The photo is from David Kelly (center), a USC graduate in 1990 and sports anchor at KOLD-KMSB-TV in Tucson, whose father was NFL Hall of Fame running back Leroy Kelly (Cleveland Browns).

27 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. Pudly —What’s this I heard about a recently graduated bruin receiver losing his mind (slugging teammates & coaches and throwing football into nearby pond) and being cut from, I think, the Ravens?? My neighbor just told me about it when I went out for my morning walk (but he’s usually about as reliable as t-bow)…..

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      1. MG, Lasley didn’t pull a Chad “Wheelie” Wheeler psychotic reaction that required 10 LAPD to quell, then a five-day observation/vacation in a local psych ward padded cell.

        Plus we shan’t forget the obligatory SUCXX penalty of 1 up-down.

        No, I think Lasley was frustrated by the Raven’s taking him for granted and he decided to reintroduce himself. Of course, the Raven’s were not amused and cut Lasley.

        Lasley has since signed with the Raiders – smartly killing two birds with 1 stone.

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      2. Let me see if I got this straight

        #1 PAC12 receiver leaves early
        5th round pick( issues?)
        Zero playing time first year
        Irritating the hell out of teammates(issues? Nooooooooo…)
        Shown the door(but loved by all on way out)
        Picked up on waivers
        Reduces salary cap on Ravens


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    2. This bull-shit means nothing, just another hopeful alum eating the false hope sandwiches 🥪, that the administration, and Rah Rah’s serve this time of year. 😂😂. Same ole shit, different year. USC Football will never be back under Bozo Helton, I guarantee!!!


  1. Of course USC is bigger, and stronger this year, haven’t you seen the tough guy videos everybody’s been posting on social media ?. Yes sir, nothing like rooting for a team to win a national championship, that’s not even ranked in the top 25 . I’m assuming that Graham Harrell, who wasn’t on anybody’s hiring list, including Clay Helton, who threw him a second choice bone, will turn the Trojans into a national power 😂😂 I guess the USC coaching attire, will turn Harrell into a miracle worker 😂😂😂. And if you Don’t believe me, just ask the Rah Rah’s

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  2. JT Daniels gets excused from last year’s poor performance because he was a high school senior. But there are no more excuses, starting today. That includes the ridiculous porn-stache look that came with his awful play!

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    1. Daniels was held back in school by daddy so the high school senior thing is BS. His excuse is he’s a pussy who won’t take a hit to make a throw, he’s short and slow and overrated, but Gomer won’t bench him for fear of him transferring. Can’t wait for the next MD midget QB to arrive, hopefully SC has a top coach by then and he can head elsewhere


  3. “USC playing Stanford in Week 2 might not be an advantage because the Cardinal have a tough opening six weeks: Northwestern, USC, UCF, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington. Stanford might be easier to beat after that stretch”

    Not so fast Scotty.

    If USC DID play Stanford after this stretch, you’d say the game would be tough for the Trojans because the Cardinal would be battle hardened after playing all those teams.

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    1. SK: how DARE you suggest the wolfman routinely focuses on the perspective that puts the trOXans in most unfavorable light!!


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  4. “Wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. also praised the simplicity of Harrell’s Air Raid offense, saying USC’s playbook went from a few inches thick to a few pages long.”

    Translation: This crap air raid offense will be more predictable than last years crap offense.

    Opposing defenses are going to jam Trojan receivers at the line of scrimmage just like they did last year and this offense won’t go anywhere either.

    Fresno St. 31

    USC 24

    Book it!

    And two of the Trojans TD’s will come from special teams.


  5. Oh Helton had any brains, he would not allow Sears to hit anything with his hands. He breaks a hand, the season is over. Daniels can’t hit the side of a barn


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