Justin Flowe Does Not Have USC In Top 4

Linebacker Justin Flowe just released his top four schools: Georgia, Clemson, Oregon and Miami.

This has to be hugely disappointing for USC. At one time he was considered a lock for the Trojans.

Flowe is ranked the nation’s top linebacker and No. 3 player in the nation by Rivals.

25 thoughts on “Justin Flowe Does Not Have USC In Top 4

  1. Like life itself, all USC has to do is attend to the business at hand and everything else (e. g., 2020 class) will take care of itself.

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    1. But, but, but, I thought SUCCX FB recruited itself because 90% of HS FB’ers wanted to be Clownster’s.

      #MG, a 4 – 8, 2019 season won’t help SUCCX recruiting.

      Oh well, as the great Mr. T used to say: ” I pity the fools.”

      I don’t.


      1. No, no, no, my friend. The great Mr. T was right. Never lose your capacity for pity……

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  2. wolfman, they say this kid is the most ferocious LB since Vontaize Burfict!!

    wolfman, remember how Vontaize would terrorize the Pious Passer?? VB would point and him over center and yell “you’re mine, fool!” and whenever he even got NEAR the Pious One, he dropped the ball and covered up…..


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    1. It was sad when JuJu knocked Burfict out and stood over his unconscious body. JuJu got in a lot of trouble for hurting and, then, humiliating Burfict like that. Players on the sidelines said they felt great shame for Burfict when he wet himself…..

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      1. don’t worry mickey, if i know Vontaize, and i think i do, he will exact his revenge on JoJo, and it wont be very PRETTY!!!!



      1. Classic coming from the guy who roots for the team whose most significant sideline signal the last 6 yrs has been the “surrender cobra”…


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  3. Gomer Bozo is such a joke, but this ALL goes on the bigger joke named Lynn Swann. Had he canned Gomer Bozo after last season and hired a top coach ( which he probably wouldn’t have done but lets say he did ) these kids would not be leaving the state, SC would not be settling for 3 start scrubs, and they would be on their way to returning to being a player on the national stage. Instead they are not in the top 25 preseason poll for the 1st time since 2001, they are not picked to win the weaker than weak South, they had a whopping 2 players on the pre season PAC 12 first team, season ticket orders are down, attendance in general will be a joke despite the inflated numbers SC will announce and there is zero buzz about this team, zero.

    Even if Gomer Bozo gets canned I’ll be stunned if SC hires a top coach, more like promoting Harrell because he’s an assistant at SC and he ” gets SC “.

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      1. Stanford has a good football coach and many teams that actually win, they also do national searches for coaches instead of just promoting from within


  4. Justin Flowe sounds like he has common sense, because he sees with his own two eyes, that USC is on a steady decline under Bozo Helton. Nobody takes a top 5 program loaded with talent, and runs it into the ground better then, Clueless Clay .

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  5. You’re not going to get those 5 stars when you go 5-7. They’ll take a look at your program if they are from SoCal but they will go elsewhere.


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